Rope supension on the beach by Lew Rubens – Kink in the Caribbean 2007

Posted in AVN Show, Bondage, Kink in the Caribbean, Lew Rubens, Rebecca, Suspension on November 22nd, 2007 by ErosArtist
One evening, Rebecca grabbed me and asked me to photograph her and her boyfriend being suspended by Lew Rubens in a double suspension. Lew had a bamboo poles set up on the beach, and was all prepared to suspend them in a 69 position. I believe that this was the first male/female double suspension he’s done. It was totally dark, with only the light from my flash. This was a really great scene to photograph, as Rebecca and her man were so obviously oblivious to anybody around them, and were having so much fun! Here’s the eighth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!