Amsterdam Sex Museum – Eros Art from the past

Posted in Amsterdam, clinic, erotic art on February 28th, 2008 by ErosArtist

Photos by Michael Diamond

Last December while in Amsterdam to photograph the Clinic party, we stepped into a quaint little building just down street from the event, and found ourselves in the Amsterdam Sex Museum. For a few Euros, we had a warm spot to spend an hour or so and have a look at a very unusual collection of erotic art and devices from around the world. Many of the pieces dated back to the 18th century and included Japanese miniature ivory carvings, bronze sculptures from Vienna, and Indian erotic art as well as Victorian and modern erotic imagery.

The place was pretty empty, so I was able to photograph with permission. It’s refreshing to be reminded that our generation didn’t invent sex or deviant behavior!

Here’s the gallery.