Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary

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Photos by Michael Diamond, review by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary Weekend are now live! Thanks to FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this event and our trip to cover it for you!! Make sure to visit FetishMovies for thousands of fetish videos on demand.

Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary Party Weekend, May 25-27, 2012.
by Zoey Holloway

The specific information of performers names, the schedule of events, and all venue information can be found at FetishFactory.com. For someone who has not ever attended an event such as this, I write for you. What awakens the desire to delve into the fetish world? This is a personal journey to each individual I would imagine. As I made my way through the crowds of people each night of the weekend I pondered what may have brought us all together at this particular place in time. As I saw familiar faces from other events I’ve attended I got the feeling of belonging to sort of a traveling tribe of artists in their own expression. This is a much different experience than just dressing up and going dancing at a favorite weekend club. This is an opportunity to set your everyday concerns aside and be only what you choose to be through however you desire to adorn your body.

On any night there is a vast display of leather, lace, latex, feathers, silks, fishnet and rhinestones. Styles of clothing range from cyber like space age to old time Victorian. There were a few impressive zentai suits as well as adorable pinwheel pasties. On more than one occasion I simply stood to the side and watched the parade of color pass by. Im sure everyone in attendance had at some point the thought of how lucky they are to have a place to be free of any judgment. The sense of a supportive community is also prominent at fetish gatherings. There is plenty of play time as well. If you haven’t seen Mistress Deanna in action, she is one who is mesmerizing to view. Her intricate dance as she flogs is quite beautiful. I witnessed how quickly she gathers a crowd, all to become a part of her moment.

There were main stage shows each night with the crowning performance belonging to suspension artist, Samar. After her veiled preparation she exposed herself and entranced everyone who watched. The combination of hypnotic music, her two beautiful performers at her side and also a part of her suspension made the whole experience at some points breathtaking. These fetish parties are truly a place to go if your desire is to reveal the most hidden parts of yourself, the parts that cant typically be shown in public through our “society standard of acceptable dress code”. I have to say the highlight of surprise and childlike humor was at the pervy pool party Sunday when loveable photographer Fucken Gerry presented himself in the bubblegum pink latex mouse outfit and was completely surprised to have three lovely matching female mice to play with. People in the fetish community gather to play hard which includes the long nights at the clubs but also the aspects of fetish play to include flogging, rope bondage, rope suspension, spanking, Master & servant by collar and leash. There is much more play which can be seen in the photo gallery by Erosartist.com as well as the many pictures provided at FetishParty.com/access.

I always enjoy asking people where they are from and how involved they are in the fetish community. The answers range from heavily involved in the lifestyle when they are home to only saving up for the once per year party in which more than a few responded with Fetish Factory Annual party is their only party they attend. Thank you again to FetishMovies.com for providing me with the opportunity again this year to attend this memorable weekend event. Other words of interest for those of you who love Google searches: Goggles, Hoods, Chastity devices, Strap-on, Parasol, Corsets, Garters, Wax play.

Barcelona Fetish Weekend 2012

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Photos by Michael Diamond – Article by Zoey Holloway

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Barcelona Fetish Weekend, April 13,14,15, 2012. Written by Zoey Holloway

This is the second year of this specially planned weekend for all fetish enthusiasts. I don’t want to get into a comparison of the two events although I would like to say that I thought Christian and Erica did an exceptional job last year, but this year just blew it away. I can’t even imagine where to begin assembling such a weekend as this. Their format as far as dance club Friday, Cabaret club Saturday and Kinky Bus tour Sunday remained the same as last year.

Friday, April 13, The Main Event, Bondage Bash at EiTwo. Bus transportation from the hosting hotel was provided to the club in a few different time options. This was a nice feature since the club was quite a drive from the hotel. I was on the first bus where everyone seemed to be ready for the evening with good cheer. I kind of feel like I’m back on a school bus on that first day of school in eager anticipation of what the day will bring. Such is my feeling on the way to the club. Some people are enjoying conversation, others are just sitting with smiles at the thoughts of the evening ahead. There was a little wait to gain entrance to the club but once inside, Christian and an assistant were very efficient to make sure everyone received appropriate wrist bands and a little info about the inside of the club. DJ’s for the evening were Zor (Madrid), Davide (Montreal), Die-6 (Barcelona). VJ’s were Bunnyguts (Montreal) and Pauleska (Barcelona). The performance stage was to the side of main dance floor, a VIP area mirrored the stage to on other side of dance floor. One could see the main floor from an above loft that hovered over the full bar down below. Exiting the main floor area and to one side of the building was another full bar and play area. All of the dungeon furniture you remember of this night was hand made by Christian. That’s right, HAND MADE. I will probably say this more than once but Christian and Erica truly put their hearts and passion into the creation of BFW. People wasted no time in getting their drink on and dancing. There was a bevy of beautiful latex, corsets, fishnets, hats, hoods and boots. Come to find out, quite of few of people had made their own latex attire. Impressive. Throughout the night 4 shows were presented on the main stage. Leading the evening was a Fetishadow act by Agujafrenetica.org. A short and entertaining skit involving a sexy maiden and a robed Priest (?) No wait, Priests don’t have penises do they? Anyway, it was a twisted ending to see the Priest also get his in the rear-end after receiving a reluctant blow job. Their choice of lighting made for some beautiful colored photographs in the photo gallery. Next up was Mistress Absolute as the Kinky Pink Panther. Her latex catsuit was absolutely adorable. She even had a pink strap on ensemble to match. Her performance was fun and unique. She looked to be enjoying herself completely.

Between each performance was plenty of time to get some private playtime in. There was a suspension bar being used. See the gallery for images of the very happy girl in the ropes. There was flogging, whipping, spanking bondage happening throughout the room. A footworship area was designated with comfortable chairs for the lovely goddesses to rest themselves and be attended to. In between the sofas was a hand made Christian shackle table. The heavy see thru top lifted up from one side so someone could lay inside completely encased and shackled in the wooden cutouts provided. I wasn’t able to see if anyone discovered this little play time treasure. Maybe some kind of writing on it next year saying, “Open and play with me” will help.

The third show of the evening was a latex fashion show by Bridgette Moore of Lovely Latex. My only complaint would be it went to fast. The colors and designs were so bright and detailed I would have liked some more time eyeballing the model on stage. I did enjoy how they all came out at the end and welcomed the designer. Latex is not a fetish of mine but I can appreciate the design and wearing of it. Not an easy material to work with and be able to make appealing on most any body. Please check out the fashion show photos in the gallery. A variety of style and nice to see so much color amidst the standard black. I especially love the frilly hats that accented a few of the latex dress ensembles. The final show of the evening and one that shouldn’t have been missed was a fire show performed by TNT Systems. I was told they do not have a website which is a shame because their performance is one I would watch again. When performing with fire, I have seen shows that made me yawn and those that make me want more when its over. This show was of the latter. I really like the sensual tribal music they chose and how they each had their own body movement to the music. Their use of their torches and fire blowing techniques was impressive for such a smallish stage to work with. They did enter through the crowd and made use of the metal spider web to one side of the stage before completing their show on main stage. There a few stunning shots of their performance in the gallery. I must admit I didn’t know if I would be able to stay until the closing at 5a.m. but I was having so much fun, the night literally flew by. There were or seemed to be a lot more people in attendance this year. Everyone I spoke with was very happy to be part of the weekends events. They liked the venue and only wished there were more people. It seemed to me that attendance doubled this year so it can only get better as the word continues to spread. A bus provided transportation back to the hotel at 5a.m.

Saturday, April 14, Cabaret Berlin. Show coordinator and main person of the act, Gina Burdel. Soberbia Dolce, Quim Cathaklan, Kasandra Grace, Daniel Cobacho were also entertainers of the evening. DJ, Peter Brown. VJ Pauleska (Barcelona).

Now here is where I will do a little comparing. Last years cabaret evening was an intimate 4 or 5 course meal with several acts performed on stage throughout the dinner. Performers also included Fetish Models. After the dinner and entertainment, the floor opened up to playtime and dancing. Not many people opted to dance last year. Most engaged in conversation and then disbursed to various play rooms or left the event. I was assuming this year would be of the same format. This year although different from last was perfect. The club layout made it possible for those who wanted to see the shows to come up close to the stage or stay throughout the club for a distant view. There were plenty of booth seats, bar stool seating and small café table seats but not so much as to prevent anyone from getting their groove on. I liked the 2 hour window for food service to each table top. I missed the full meal feeling but understand for this type of location the way the food was presented was best. There were so many beautiful latex dresses and full catsuits to appreciate this evening, cant forget the corsets and military hats. Although official play time started when the individual rooms in the lower level of the club opened, there was some flogging & whipping happening next to the bar upstairs. At an appointed time, the club opened to the public and fetish only people were allowed downstairs. This part of the evening was the highlight for me. I little history was the individual rooms downstairs were once a functioning brothel, or ‘knocking shop’ as Christian said Londoners call it. I camped out in a room with a stripper pole and play bench. Various people passed throughout the evening. I had a few glorious moments of giving Jean Bardot a lap dance before having my panties removed and receiving a spanking. Mistress Absolute, Mistress Deanne, Claire and Jean gave me a nice boob smothering with plenty of smooches thrown in. I don’t know how the rest of you spent your time downstairs but I was smiling big the remainder of the night knowing full well just how my makeup got smeared. *wink. I did get to spend a little time in that room in conversation with Erica. She is a jewel to be in the company of. Her excitement at seeing how much everyone was enjoying their weekend was palpable. Her heart is in providing people with their money’s worth of fun. Christian sat with us as well and was equally happy at the joy of the evenings vibe. There are plenty of pictures of the events in the room this evening in the gallery. My favorite photo might be of us little bad girls covering our messy lipstick smeared mouths. Good times.

Sunday, April, 15. Kinky Bus Tour. I heard Erica booked our tour bus with the same driver as last year because he was such a good sport at driving the non- vanillas around Barcelona. Here is was with a big smile and ready to do it again. Unlike last year where we all came from different locations to get on the bus, it was nice to see us all standing in front of the hotel awaiting the pick up. The response from people leaving the mall across the street was priceless. We were getting shock looks then giggles and thumbs up. Despite the clouds and cold, everyone was in good cheer and ready for the ride. Christian and Erica had travel worthy glasses of bubbly for everyone as they stepped on the bus. As they had all weekend they made sure all were comfortable and having a great time. There were definitely double the people of last year or more. I saw on the web site the bus tour was sold out this year. Someone made a comment of who thought of this idea? Brilliant was the word used I believe. We did the same stops as last year although sitting on cement bench lounges replaced beach volleyball of last year. I might add that last year the weather was much more accommodating. My favorite stop again this year is of the Sagrada Familia. I heard one of the group telling tourists, Hey! The chapel is over there, not here. Our group had become the focal point of the tourists and locals. We were entertained by the inquisitive civilians and graciously posed for photos with them as well as getting our own group shot. Somehow we managed to acquire four vanillas as the bus proceeded from this stop. I saw 3 of them and the 4th was reportedly being taught some fetish ways in the back of the bus. The other 3 weren’t concerned in the slightest and found it all entertaining. The remainder of the bus ride was full of conversation and shivers as the day seemed to get increasingly chilly. As cold as everyone was, there were smiles all around and good spirits. We were taken back to the hotel after about a 2 ½ hour bus ride.

Barcelona Fetish Weekend will always be special to me as last years first event was also my first event that I travelled quite a distance for. Christian and Ericas attention to detail continued in this years planning. Throughout the weekend I asked attendees how they found out about the event, what made them come, etc. I got all favorable responses. Not only was it one fabulous fetish weekend but just being in the beautiful Barcelona itself is enough to make this trip worthwhile. Considering it’s the 2nd year, its still in the developing and building stages. I heard someone say that it will probably take 4 years to really develop into an event that people feel they MUST attend. Meaning that with continued positive word of mouth and internet marketing there is no reason for this whole weekend not to be sold out one month if not more in advance. Please take a moment to view the weekends gallery that Erosartist.com has provided. The gallery will also be available for viewing at Barcelonafetishweekend.com soon. Also, take a moment on BFW.com to send a quick note to Christian and Erica who’s time and year long efforts really showed. These fetish events are a much needed place for like minded people to enjoy their individual freedom of expression. Where we can go to shed our daily costumes for those that are much more fun in our own world of fantasy. The bonus is this particular event is also in a fun walk friendly city. I look forward to next years schedule of planned events and catching up on the life paths of familiar faces. Once again a huge THANK YOU to FETISHMOVIES.COM for making this trip possible for me and placing your sponsorship on such a worthy fetish weekend!


Fetish Factory 16th Anniversay Weekend

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Photos by Michael Diamond, review by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Fetish Factory 16th Anniversary Weekend are now live! Thanks to FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this event and our trip to cover it for you!! Make sure to visit FetishMovies for thousands of fetish videos on demand.

Have you ever entered a place and immediately felt transported to an alternate reality? This is the feeling experienced as I stepped into the Ft. Lauderdale Sheraton Hotel to spend the weekend for Fetish Factory 16th Anniversary Celebration. As I attended the various events at outside clubs and poolside parties three words repeated themselves, Fun, FREEDOM, and Fantasy. Freedom in all caps because it is the quality of energy felt throughout the weekend. Everyone I encountered seemed of good cheer and very happy to be in each other’s company. Such a sense of community shared by all ages and dress manner. As always, an abundance of fashionable latex was paraded all weekend, as well as leather, lace and, at one club, a colorful condom skirt ( have to try that one). It’s a beautiful thing when ego’s can be checked outside at the curb to let soul expression through clothing, makeup, wigs, hats, masks come out to play.

On to the parties…Friday May 27th venue was Sky Nightclub. What a convenience it is to have buses provided all weekend to the various clubs. Funny thing I am noticing about the Fetish party buses is the atmosphere is in party mode on the way to the event as well as going back to the hotel at 4 a.m. The main stage perfomances for Friday were, Sarula, Ms. V & Mimi, and Athena. The performance that stood out in memory was Ms. V & Mimi’s. I am all for shredding of material and was surprised when MiMi’s latex frock began being torn from her curvaceous frame. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two females through the joining of the gas masks and hoses at their mouths. The oxygen bag that inflated and deflated with their breath was especially sensual. I wasn’t sure what to make of the male performer standing to the side but as the girls continued in their performance I could see where his part was. I am a fan of two girls playing with eachother in any capacity so this show was my favorite of the evening.

Saturday, May 28th party was at Exit 66 Nightclub. This was my favorite local of the weekend due to the large space available for dance and play with upstairs and downstairs access as well as outdoor patio and poolside areas. This was the largest event of the weekend and booked in a club that can accommodate a large number of guests easily. Performers for this night included Natasha, Mimi & Ms. V, Jean Bardot, Drew, Defenze Mechanizm. Of the performances, the most memorable for me were Natasha and Drew, visual performance art showing the strength and grace of which a human body is capable. They were each absolutely stunning and performed their show seemingly effortlessly. Be sure to view the pictures in the gallery accompanying this review. The attire in view this evening was by far the most diverse and colorful of all weekends events.

Sunday, May 29th included the Pervy Pool Party in afternoon and Epic Nightclub in the evening. Despite the late night partygoing, people were quite alert and enjoying the Florida sun poolside. Again, the general mood of all attending was lighthearted and fun. Such a sense of acceptance and friendship is felt. Sunday evenings venue was my favorite as far as decorations and more intimate play areas. Upstairs balconies gave birds eye view of the dance floor and main stage where a bevy of shoe fetish heels gave the eyes a feast throughout the evening. There was more of a variety of attire than the colorful latex seen previous nights. Two performances occupied the main stage that evening, Ms. Absolute and Jean Bardot. Although a similar version of Ms. Absolutes performance was seen in at the recent Barcelona Fetish Weekend, I enjoyed this version with a few leggy beauties in the act. Im a fan of transformation at any level. Her show provides us with the exaggerated visual of female enhancements that so much of women in society partake. I love how she begins the show with the expressions of sadness and comparison of body parts not being quite as full and perky then as the show progresses, so do the plumped up female features. She is a joy to watch as she seems to enjoy performing.

I danced my ass off as much as possible the whole weekend. Partook in a little spanking, flogging and drinking much like many other participants did. I did see people I knew who I met in Barcelona recently and it’s a treat to meet them again with so many miles in between our everyday lives.

As I waited for the hotel shuttle to take me to the airport Monday morning, I saw people exiting the hotel who, I had to do a double take a few times and smile to myself because only hours earlier I had seen these same plain clothed people in full latex and being lead on a leash wearing a huge smile. The weekend was a whirlwind of parties and people. I am still in awe at the efficiency with which Glenn and Donna create and handle so many details required to make such a weekend happen. Thank you again to FetishMovies.com for making my attendance possible.

Barcelona Fetish Weekend 2011

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Photos by Michael Diamond – Article by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Barcelona Fetish Weekend are now live! This was the first ever Fetish Weekend in Barcelona, Spain. I had an amazing time there and hope that there will be another in 2012 so I can return to one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Please feel free to use any photos of yourself by pulling the image from the gallery – please do not remove my watermark and feel free to link back to my site! Once again, I wish to thank FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this event and my trip to photograph it for you! Please visit FetishMovies.com and help support events like this!

Article by Zoey Holloway

I am a pretty lucky girl to have experienced my first fetish event sponsored by FetishMovies.com in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. I went with no expectations as a newbie. I have always been more excited about experiencing something new that the actual event. That viewpoint is now altered after attending the first ever Barcelona Fetish Weekend, April 15-17. Friday’s night event was held at Row 14, which, from the outside appears as a private little tropical bar get-away spot. Once inside, I quickly realized I was in for an evening of things I’ve not seen before. Various dungeon play furniture beckoned and awaited its guests. I like that the venue had an intimate feel to each area, including the stage. There were performances ranging from cute kitty play to fire, wax and feathers flying everywhere!

Jewell Marceau as the sexy nurse who’s seafoam green dress featured her every curve had me trying to sneek-a-peek everytime she bent over. She performed later in the evening as a playful kitty wanting her milk. Little did I know where she was wanting it! The milk enema was quite arousing. Jewell’s eagerness to receive kept me engrossed in her every move.

Lotti Kixx entertained me thoroughly with her shiny disco ball. After all, I am a girl and get fascinated by shiny large objects! Her sex appeal and choreographed dance talents had me mesmerized. She truly appeared to be having as much fun with that disco ball as I was watching her.

The music, performances,fashion show, people, place…it all was a great evening of fun, laughs, even insightful conversation. Those who wanted to, played in all various forms of bondage and role play. As a group of us gathered, awaiting the shuttle bus as tired as I was, I mainly thought about when can I come back to a party like this?

Saturday evening’s event was at a charming hillside locale. Cabaret style entertainment accompanied the three course flavorsome meal. Lottie Kixx once again delivered a captivatingly fun performance in food play with an accommodating slave. Her body alone is reason enough to be enthralled. Jewell Marceau teamed with Mistress Absolute in an uniquely playful tease on stage. Who knew inflated bin liners could be so sexy when combined with two stunning women dressed in plastic? They were completely enveloped in clear and white plastic jumpsuits, hoods included. Simple yet seductively sinful as they touched each other. After the stage shows ended, the floor was open for dancing and a cage set alone on the stage. A few other rooms were also part of the playground. The attire of the night ranged from colorful latex to luxurious corsets. Tight pencil skirts and sparkly pasties. Another intimate setting which led to a wonderfully relaxed yet sensuous evening.

The final fetish event of the weekend for me was the Kinky Bus Tour. It was a whole different reason why people were turning their heads as we walked some of the streets of Barcelona along the tour. I heard comments like “Look! Freaks on the street!” which made me smile and be proud to be prancing about in my corset dress among these sexy strutters in full latex gear. There were lots of laughs again. People re-acquainting themselves with each other in the Barcelona sun shine. Even beach volleyball with the “normal” civilians! I think the funniest statement of the day was made as a regular tour bus passed us. “ You’re on the VANILLA BUS and we’re NOT!” led to full on belly laughs from at least our side. The other bus people appeared genuinely frightened. If they only knew we were all just a bunch of little kids inside enjoying a day of public dress up. For my first fetish weekend experience, this was perfect in many ways. I enjoyed the feeling of intimacy in the smaller venues and actually being able to meet and converse with several people. Barcelona is such a beautiful city with a lot of history and soul. Its palpable as I walked the streets sightseeing. The variety of talent throughout the weekend, impressed and entertained my senses in a new way. I do hope to experience as many fetish events as possible this year and if Barcelona is chosen for next years roster, would love to go back. I can only imagine given the beauty of the city and the people there, it would establish itself as one of the prime places for successful fetish parties.

Barcelona Fetish Weekend 2011 Video

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View the video here.

I just returned from the first ever Barcelona Fetish Weekend in Barcelona Spain last week! Tonight I’m packing up and flying back to Europe for Essen Fetish Evolution. I only had a day home, so I quickly put a little video clip together for you to see all of the fun had in Spain. Thanks to FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this groundbreaking fetish event and sending me to photograph it for you! Special thanks to Zoey Holloway who accompanied me to the event and did a terrific job videotaping the parties.

Check back soon for the photo gallery and review, as well as more great fetish event coverage!


Bal des Supplices 2010 in Lyon France

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Photos by FetishTool.com and Fulmy Nato
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Once again, Teo from FetishTool.com came to the rescue and photographed an event that I was not able to attend. With the assistance of his friend Fulmy Nato, we have a gallery of the 2010 Bal des Supplices which took place in Lyon, France on September 25th. I’ve been a rather lax in getting this gallery live, so please accept my apologies for the delay! Since I wasn’t able to make it, Teo sent me some notes as well as a splendid collection of photos.
From Teo’s notes:

This was the Fifth Edition of Lyon’s best fetish event called Bal des Supplices. The main theme of the venue was “Fetish for Military”, with a military theme that can be seen throughout the gallery. Guests this year included Sophia Landi and Morrigan Hel, as well as Suka Off. On stage, Rubber shows on catwalk were by Rubear & Hedony Design. There was additionally, a fully equipped dungeon organized by belgian Domme Maitresse Salem. The dancefloor managed by TG Allen and Vyktor Nova. The years are passing by but BdS is continuosly growing up in European fetish scene as a unmissable venue for all capted fetishists. Julien & Marilyne, the young but capable organizers, had hit the target once again, bringing in Lyon hundreds of beautiful people from all over Europe and U.S.

Thank you Teo and Fulmy for capturing this event for ErosArtist.com. I hope to make it to Lyon this year and experience the Bal des Supplices myself in 2011!

Diabolique Ball 2010

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Photos by Michael Diamond
View the gallery here.

Photos from the 2010 Diabolique Ball in Philadelphia are now live!

2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball – Club Enslaved photos are now live

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Photos are now live from the 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball, Friday night’s Club Enslaved party. This was our first trip to the San Francisco Fetish Ball, and I’m so glad that I had the chance to shoot this fantastic weekend! I’m working on Saturay night’s main party photos right now, and I hope to have them up by tomorrow night, along with a review of the Fetish Ball weekend.

I want to thank FetishMovies.com for sponsoring the 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball along with our trip to photograph the weekend!