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Photos by Michael Diamond
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Photos from the 2011 Essen Fetish Evolution are now live! I will be writing a review as soon as I catch my breath. Please feel free to use any photos of yourself by pulling the image from the gallery – please do not remove my watermark and feel free to link back to my site! Once again, I wish to thank for sponsoring this event and my trip to photograph it for you! Please visit and help support events like this!

It’s been 2 years since I last visited Essen, Germany for the Fetish Evolution Weekend, one of the largest fetish parties in the world. I skipped last year, so when I got the invitation from to photograph the event, I jumped on the opportunity, eager to revisit old friends and experience 3 days of fetish fun and photo opportunities galore. This three day event takes place in the Bremeny hotel which had been taken over by hundreds of latex-clad models, S/M lovers, and fetish friends from all over the world – as far away as Japan! There were so many people there this year, that a second hotel had to be booked for the overflow.

One of the coolest parts about this event is the sense of community that is not typical for a fetish party. Because everybody stays at the same hotel, there is a tremendous opportunity to socialize and meet new friends throughout the weekend, and many people expressed that some of the most memorable events of the event took place right in the hotel. There was also an expo at the hotel which showcased the latest latex and fetish fashion, as well as hand crafted toys and even an art gallery! The fact that the expo was in the hotel and didn’t require the need to grab a taxi, made it much more enjoyable.

The first off-premises party took place Saturday night following an intimate dinner cabaret at Bliss. Hosted by one by magician and pervy Master of Ceremonies, Paul Nathan, the entertainment for the dinner was classy and showcased some unexpected talent. Fetish model Rachael V and Japanese sensation Amrita both took to the stage to deliver powerful vocal performances that delighted the gathering and lent a sophisticated vibe to the dining experience. I managed to catch some video of Rachel V’s performance and will be posting that in the near future. For desert, the beautiful Swedish model Elegy Ellem covered herself in honey while wearing a cute little latex bumblebee outfit. It was one sticky situation that anyone watching would have loved to get messy with!

Following the dinner was the pre-party held in a very chic club called the Studio. All the way from Japan, Mistress Hibiki and her three lovely subs performed a beautiful shibari show. The party was in full swing by midnight and I was able to capture quite a few shots during the course of the night.

The main party was held on Sunday and included a fashion show by some of Europe’s most innovative latex and fetish designers including: Bondinage, Brigitte More, FetiWear, HMS Latex, Lady Oops, Rubber Fashion, and Tolllkirsche. While the fashion was beautiful, it was the selection of gorgeous models from around the globe who made the show as exciting and captivating as it was. On the roster this year were Mistresses of Ceremonies, Bianca Beauchamp and Tara Noemi, Dena Massque, Rachael V, Baroness Bijou, Wild at Heart, Amrita, Amethysta, Azaminda, Kerkerschrei, Elegy Ellem, Miss Mayhem, Tiffany Black, Dame Noire, Damaged Doll, Sue Deathstar, Diva Nova, Valentina Demonia, Eliza-Beth, Yolinda Vixen, Frl Gore, Honeyhair, Issis Solide, SadEast, Kay, Ophilia Overdose, Lolita Redhood, Rubberstar, Onna Sakura, Sally, Lady Samira, Saba, Miss Brightside, Seraphine Strange, Nadine, Tikey, Amesbury Rose, Lara Aimee, Drastique, Whisper, Electra X, Marina Zapatero, Yale, Mirjana, Lady Kate, Belain, Fasq, Drama Queen, Goddess Ira, Ibi, E’lenah, Madeleine S, Missy Queen Gonna Die, Lady Cassandra, Lotte, Vivian Lancaster, Ruby True, Sophine Green, Bizarre Violet, Maitresse Noir, and Sky.

I took over 2000 photos this weekend, and edited them down to a gallery of nearly 400 images. It was a truly wonderful event that I will be sure not to miss again!

Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2008 – Fetish Expo

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Our first Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend began with our gracious host from picking us up at the airport and getting us to our destination in record time. After the car ride, Lady Venus remarked that she has to move to Germany so that she can do extreme pedal pumping videos without concern of a speeding ticket. We made quick time at 130 miles per hour, more than twice the legal speed limit where we live! The Hotel Bredeney will be our home for the next several days.

The first night started out fairly mellow with the Models & Makers champagne reception. The partygoers included Jean Bardot, Bianca Beauchamp, Anastasia Pierce, and Darenzia to name a few. Before long, the party migrated to the bar where everybody had a few drinks and relaxed before the start of a long weekend. Some people relaxed a little more than others, but we won’t name names! Mistress Jean Bardot was more than happy to reveal her non-pedicured feet to two eager foot-boys who soothed her aching toes with their hands and mouths.

Today was the first day of the Fetish Evolution Expo. The Expo is being held in the same hotel which hosts most of the attendees, making it very convenient for fetish-clad shoppers to further equip their fetish closets. We have a small photo gallery to whet your appetite for the long weekend coming up. Check back soon for photos from the entire Fetish Evolution Weekend, sponsored once again by our friends at