Mistress Jean Bardot

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This photo set is from a video we shot with Mistress Jean Bardot (AKA Rubberella). Latex slut Todd eagerly volunteered to serve Mistress Jean during one of two days that She spent with us in Philadelphia during the blizzard of 2005. I shot video, while Lady Venus photographed.
This FREE gallery contains 73 images of the imcomparable Mistress Jean Bardot satisfying an array of fetishes that include: polishing latex, bondage, boot and foot worship, CBT (cock & ball torture), spanking, flogging, and smothering.
In this scene, She is wearing sexy blue and black latex which perfectly complemented Her slave’s red and black. The entire set is visually stunning and very colorful, Lady Venus did a terrific job!
The entire photoset contains 343 images, but many of them are much too explicit to put up as a free gallery. If you’d like to view the entire set, we are offering them to you as a zip download for the very low price of $6.99 (that’s only 2 cents per picture)!

Happy Holidays from ErosArts with Jean Bardot Latex Video!

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Happy Holidays! This is a little video that I made a couple of years ago when Lady Venus & I started shooting fetish videos. We were very new, and just learning how to use the cameras, lighting, editing, etc., when we happened to meet the gorgeous Mistress Jean Bardot (aka Rubberella) at FetishCon 2004. I got up the nerve to ask her to come all the way to Philadelphia to shoot with us, and she is such a wonderful person that she actually said yes! She flew in for an entire weekend during the heaviest snowfall of the year, over 24″ of snow in downtown Philadelphia! For two days she tortured two lucky latex slaves in our friend Mistress Mimi’s dungeon. If you’d like to see some of the videos that we shot with Mistress Jean, click here and get some free minutes to watch them on ErosArtsVOD.com!

Lady Venus took the photos while I shot video. We’ll put up a photo gallery soon, but for now I re-edited the video a bit to add a little holiday cheer! I hope you enjoy Mistress Jean Bardot in “The Ball Buster Suite”.

Happy Holidays and have a terrific New Year!

Michael & Lady Venus
(If you like the video, drop me a comment and let me know!)

The Fetishistas

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2006 has been a terrific year, as we had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and attend so many amazing fetish parties. I’m honored to say that we’ve been invited to showcase our event photography on Tony Mitchell’s new internet fetish magazine, “TheFetishistas”!

For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Tony Mitchell was editor (and also a director) of Skin Two, widely regarded as the world’s most stylish and authoritative fetish magazine. He was for many years a director of Skin Two’s fetish clothing manufacture and retail businesses, and provided regular creative input for its big annual London event, the Rubber Ball Weekend.

In 2007 Tony Mitchell will start with his online magazine “The Fetishistas.com”. At the moment he is presenting the new look of the website on www.thefetishistas.com. He introduces the website: “The Fetishistas is a totally new kind of fetish magazine on the web. Created by Tony Mitchell, ex-Editor of Skin Two, it combines top-quality journalism and visuals with the extra breadth, immediacy and connectivity only the web can offer. And it’s free. Get ready for the arrival of next generation fetish publishing.”

If you love fetish and latex, be sure to visit TheFetishistas.com and you will likely stumble across a photo or two of ours as well!

Alt Model Stoya

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Early this morning I had a shoot with a gorgeous young model named Stoya. You may recognize her face if you’re familiar with Gods Girls. Stoya is an old friend of mine who I’ve shot a few times in the past year, but this time was the first that I’ve had her all to myself. Risking B&E & Trespassing charges, we snuck into an abandoned building and shot a little latex video and a bunch of photos. It was freezing cold, and Stoya apparently forgot what Philadelphia in the winter felt like… but she was a trooper and stuck it out!

Fetish Model Jade Vixen

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For those of you who are familiar with my site, you’ll notice that I’ve just changed it into a blog! After spending the past year traveling around the world to photograph some of the most well known and spectacular fetish parties, I felt that this blog would be the best way to bring our experiences to you. If you’re familiar with my site and our fetish photography, you’ll find a few recent changes. Besides the blog, I just put up a modeling gallery! In addition to the events that we photograph, and Fetish and Sybian videos that Lady Venus & I make (which you can see on ErosArtsVOD.com, I have the occasional opportunity to work together with a beautiful model! The other night, my friend Jade Vixen came over for a few hours to shoot a latex fetish video and a few photos with me. What started out as a sleek latex video, ended up with jade in my bathtub, covered in lube and submerged in a tub full of water! The most embarrasing part was that I had to keep blowing up her megaboobs. I posted a few shots for you to enjoy in the new Model Gallery. Here’s Jade in her latex megaboobs catsuit!

Nuit Demonia

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As I begin to write this, I am sitting on a plane ready to depart from Paris after a brief 4 day vacation. I haven’t slept in 24 hours, yet my brain is still racing from what turned out to be not just a vacation, but a journey to the depths of the Parisian Fetish world. After spending three days exploring Paris, including the Louvre and Notre Dame, I wrapped up the week with an unexpected and unplanned opportunity to photograph the self-proclaimed biggest Fetish event in France – Nuit Demonia.

I originally planned to visit Paris on a short vacation, to check off a couple of things on my list of things I need to do before I die. Little did I know that my trip overlapped with a gathering of fetish models, Dommes, and visitors from around the globe. When I checked out the official Nuit Demonia website, I saw that a few friends were also going to be attending, including Kumi Monster and Mistress Dante Posh from NYC. After a couple of emails back and forth with Laurence Dorra and Francis Dedobbeleer, the organizers of the event, I was invited to photograph!

The evening before the party, I met Kumi for some drinks, where she introduced me to a number of international friends of hers, including Mistress Dahlia, Her submissive Moira, and Her American-born friend and videographer Ric Sanchez who flew all the way from Japan to make Her European debut. This was the first time this gorgeous Japanese Dominatrix had been outside of Japan, where She produces a stunning line of corsets under Her company’s name Visona Viseri.
I arrived at the famous Paris disco – La Loco, which is right next to the Moulin Rouge, around 3:00 in the afternoon to photograph the rehearsal and try to get a few shots of the performers before the evening began. About 2000 people were expected to attend, and Loco was the perfect spot for an evening of dancing and playing. The lowest level of the venue was where the dungeon was located, and there were plenty of unique places to tie people up or strap them down. The dungeon held a large variety of toys and furniture, set into a recessed area that was roped off from the crowd who watched from above. I was given special access to the dungeon, where I was permitted to photograph some of the most intense public BDSM performances I’ve ever experienced. One rule I had to abide by was that no photography was permitted of the crowd. Usually, I enjoy photographing the attendees, but this night I was limited to photograph only the performances on stage, the fashion shows, and the dungeon itself. Even with this strict limitation, I still managed to take over 1000 pictures that I spent two full days editing and narrowing down to a reasonable gallery for you.

On the main stage, fetish fashion designers from France, Germany, Spain, and Japan, presented their latest designs in a two-hour barrage of performances before the packed crowd. The designer’s included Boutique Demonia, Sylvain Coeur-Jolly, Patrice Catanzaro, Mademoiselle Ilo, Visona Viseri, Bibian Blue, Fetish Universe, Swanilda, Samael S., Damien De Man, Justine Nagoi, Hedony Design, Princess Madison, Julian, Caywear, and Medusa. I was in a prime position to capture most of the models, which you can see in the photo gallery.

After the main event, I returned to the dungeon.

By this time, it was 1:00 in the morning, and the party was just getting started. Down on the dungeon floor, Shibari masters suspended one beautiful woman after the next…often three or more half-naked women were dangling bound in rope at the same time. On one side of the dungeon, intricate rope suspensions took place, while on the other an array of beautiful Dommes were treating the crowd to demonstrations of their sadistic skills. Anticipated S&M performers included: Maitresse Salem, Mistress Shane, Mistress Brigitte, Maitresse Nadia, Maitresse Anya, Miss Hazel, Mistress V, Shadow, Clo& Phil, Patrick Vich, Philippe Boxis, Clochette, Dahlia, Chantal – Ropemarks, Moira, Esinem, Musiclover, Bob– Ropemarks, and Jenis. Submissives were being spanked, flogged, and humiliated before hundreds of onlookers. This was Paris, where sexual attitudes are much less repressed than in America . Here anything goes. To the left of me, one man became the human toilet for Mistress Dante Posh as She trampled his semi-flaccid penis while sitting on Her throne. To the right, a busty blonde woman’s head was between the thighs of an equally voluptuous brunette while hot wax was drizzled over the pair. In a fascinating display of Shibari mastery, Shadow bound and suspended herself and Mistress Dahlia showed Her European counterparts how a Japanese ropemaster (or would that be ropeMistress?) ties and belittles Her submissive.

The guests dressed in latex, leather, PVC or nothing at all, and I was once again struck by the differences between most US Fetish parties and European openness. Whereas here in the “land of the free” the flash of a nipple is taboo, in Europe nudity and sexuality are not something to be ashamed of. And forget the stereotype of the rude Frenchman. Though I speak an embarrassingly small amount of French, the French fetish people embraced me as one of the family. That, I find, is true of the fetish lifestyle in general. Each person’s particular fetish is respected, whether they find comfort in crossdressing, infantilism, bondage and discipline, submission or dominance, whether they have a foot fetish, enjoy nipple torture, or just like to spank or be spanked, each person is able to find his or her place within the community. It doesn’t matter what the person looks like, or whether they even speak the same language, those who wish to delve into that part of themselves are able to do so in a safe, consensual, and loving way. If you look through my gallery of the evening’s events, or through any fetish event that I have photographed over the past couple of years, you will see a range of emotions on the faces of those who make this choice. Look past the pain, and into the joy of their release. You’ll see laughter, trust, and respect in their eyes.

Click here to see the entire Nuit Demonia 2006 photo gallery.