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It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve been to a really good fetish party… the last being Nuit Demonia. When I was invited by to photograph the LA Kink Ball’s Masque party, I jumped on the opportunity. Knowing that Kink in the Caribbean organizer Robert Fluty, and James J, who was until recently involved in promoting the Los Angeles Bondage Balls and other LA fetish events, were organizing the weekend, I anticipated an amazing 3 day fetish weekend. According to the producers, Kink Ball is an idea whose time is long overdue – to bring a large scale, fetish event of international magnitude to Los Angeles — the first of its kind since the original LA Fetish Ball of the early ’90s. As such, the producers secured several locations throughout Hollywood and Downtown LA to host the events, and had assembled a star-studded cast of world-class talent including RubberDoll, Jean Bardot, Allen Falkner, Anastasia Pierce, and many others. This three night event included Friday night’s "Slave2Fashion", Saturday’s "Masque", and Sunday’s"Kink Ball", the main event.

The weekend’s festivities were kicked off on Friday with Slave2Fashion at the Knitting Factory. This social meet-and-greet party focused on the fashions of top European designers including Torture Garden, House of Harlot, Pretty Pervy, and Tatjana Warnecke. The venue was smaller than I expected, with one large room where the stage was located, and a smaller room that was converted into a dungeon. I spied a little bit of play in the dungeon throughout the evening, but the real purpose of going to this party was to see some of the world’s most beautiful fetish models wearing the latest in latex or leather fetish clothing.

Tatjana Warnecke is the hottest new designer on the Berlin scene. Her ribbed leather high-fashion clothing reminded me of the Matrix but with a German-kink flavor. It was a little difficult to photograph this part of the show however, because the curtains in the background were black, causing the beautiful detail of the leather to become a little lost in the photos. I think my favorite was the leather garter belt and panties combined with fur and worn by the gorgeous Canadian fetish model Widow. Wearing a sexy pair of black knee-high leather boots, She brought Her slave boy out on a leash, restrained in a leather straightjacket, blindfolded with a rubber bit in his mouth. He received an on-stage spanking by Her, and some tag-team female domination by both Widow and Scar.

Next on the stage were the unmistakable designs from House of Harlot from the UK. I love leather, but it was refreshing to see the bright shiny colors used in some of the hottest latex designs. Natalie Minx, Tattooed Goddess Krissy Kage, Jewell Marceau, and Diana Knight really worked the stage. The show featured a pretty, latex-clad blonde being spanked for a bit, first with a bouquet of flowers, followed by the firm hand of Diana Knight. By the end of the show, all five lovely ladies had thoroughly trampled the flowers on the stage in their high-heeled shoes.

The third act was the one that brought down the house. Based in London, Pretty Pervy creates the most outlandish but wearable creations, having fun with stereo-typical designs (a sensory-deprivation suit that is also a cute bouncing bug anyone?). They create a whimsical array of the most outrageous latex aliens, insects, animals and sea creatures. The show opened with a tiny model clutching a handful of flowers as she waddled onto the stage, wearing a fully inflated, bright yellow biohazard suit. The crowd erupted into applause as two lobster people came upon her and began to tease and taunt her…eventually capturing and deflating her while they stripped her to panties and pasties. I could feel the energy of the room rise when two giant bugs with very round backsides scurried onstage and danced to a hillbilly version of “Fat-bottomed girls”. Dante Posh metamorphosed into a curvy 6 foot tall red beetle with white spots on an enormously bulbous ass. When the show ended, designer Robert and partner Hilary received the biggest ovation of the night.

The fourth and final fashion show was presented by the extraordinary Torture Garden from the UK. Athena Fatale was the latex-clad nurse to a beautiful blonde patient wearing a latex mask, corset and stockings. <>Next came Mistress Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, and Miss Vonlivid as three latex androids in black and cream colored latex bearing their nipple-covered breasts (except for the slight “wardrobe malfunction” from which Mistress Jean so gracefully recovered). Following the mechanical trio, we moved into the Military Theme. Models Mya, Jolie Vaughn, Maxine, and Cher Grepo wore kinky latex military uniforms, but a couple of them forgot their latex panties. The three latex androids returned once again, but this time wearing full latex hoods, which gave them an even greater sense of enclosure and objectification. A final bow by all eight latex covered Goddesses ended the nights performances.

Slave2Fashion also helped celebrate the long-awaited launch of Tony Mitchell’s new webzine This ambitious online project combines the best elements of traditional fetish print magazines with the immediacy, interactivity and unrestricted breadth and depth of content that is only possible with the web; to offer unrivaled, free coverage of the international fetish scene to everyone.

Overall, the first night of this three day Kink Ball was a success. You can see the entire Slave2Fashion photo gallery here.:

Click here to see the entire Slaves2Fashion 2007 photo gallery.


LA Kink Ball Sunday Party Gallery – Now Live!

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I’ve just posted the photos from the 2007 LA Kink Ball Sunday night party. I shot all three nights, and am editing photos from “Masque” right now.

Arriving back in Philadelphia after 4 days of warmth has turned out to be even more disappointing than I thought! My water-main froze and my heater died while I was away.. so I’m sitting here in an electric blanket, my house at 42 degrees, while my front yard is being excavated. My fingers are a little too numb to write a review, so check back in a couple of days when they thaw & I can type again!

If you were at the party, and would like to use any of my photos, feel free to take them & post them as you wish… just leave my watermark intact. Please let me know what you think and leave a comment!

My thanks to anyone who shares the link to my site or posts it on your favorite BB’s or MySpace!!!!!

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LA Kink Ball – Heading Home

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It’s 5:00 am, and I just finished editing a few photos from tonights LA Kink Ball. I’ll be heading to the airport for my long flight back to icy Philadelphia in a couple of hours and will begin selecting and editing the pics from this 3-day event. Tonights party was by far the best of the weekend, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to shoot! Here’s a little teaser of what’s coming up. I have thousands of pics to go through during the next couple of days, so check back soon for three full galleries!

Mistress Mimi Divine

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Here’s a small gallery of photos of our dear friend Mistress Mimi from a sissification video that we shot over a year ago. Mistress Mimi Divine has a gorgeous dungeon located in Philadelphia. We have used her space a number of times for our FemDom videos. During this shoot, I shot video while Lady Venus photographed… the entire gallery is Her work. Many of the photos are too explicit for a free gallery. In this shoot, Mistress Mimi dresses her sissy-boy in a pink dress and proceeds to discipline him using a variety of implements, including a cane that leaves a pattern of horizontal welts across his legs and ass. These photos are not for the squeamish! The girl with the pink hair was sort of a “Mistress-in-training”, but she never really continued from here. In fact, the video has never been released because she had regrets afterwards and requested it not be used. Regretfully we obliged. You can see more of our FemDom videos, including a few with Mistress Mimi on


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I’m currently away from home, and preparing to go to LA next week to photograph the LA Kink Ball!
In the meanwhile, here is a small gallery from a shoot with a Philadelphia Dominatrix named Svetlana. She emailed me and inquired if I would be interested in shooting her and her submissive boy. It was shortly after I had moved into my 19th century Victorian house a little over a year ago. The master bedroom has been transformed into a Victorian style Medical room, complete with a 1930’s dentist chair & an antique gynecological table. Lady Venus & I were shooting Female Domination videos at the time, which can be seen on


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The first time I shot photos of Jenna, she was a shy young girl who was just starting out modeling. Over the years, we’ve talked about working together again, but never seemed to actually do it! Here’s a little gallery of our shoot from last night, where I had a chance to practice my rope work a little. The first part of the gallery is from our very first shoot together, which was about 3 years ago!