New pictures of Rebecca

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While in Miami for eXXXotica 2007, I had a few days reserved to shoot some fetish and Sybian ride videos. At night, Rebecca of Rebecca’s Rubber Room fame came over to my hotel for a few impromtu photo shoots. It was difficult to photograph without using a flash as it was night time, but we were graced with a full moon (albeit on a cloudy night). Walking down the beach, we started playing around with some lighting & managed to take a few really interesting shots. Later we headed inside for a little latex and balloon play. Rebecca wore her brand new pure white latex catsuit by Polymorph and proceeded to hop into my tub that was filled with colorful balloons. I had just explained what a “loonie” is… that is a person with a balloon fetish, so she was anxious to try her hand popping some balloons with her straight-edge razor. Finishing up in the lobby, I blew up a great big black balloon for her, while she proceeded to make the couch all slippery with her shiny ass ;) . Take a look at some of the pictures here!

LA DomCon 2007

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Two major fetish events took place last week: Fetish Evolution in Germany and the 4th annual DomCon in Los Angeles, California. I was invited to cover both events, so I was torn between flying to Germany and going to LA. Normally it would have been a no-brainer as I had been hearing so many wonderful things about Evolution, and I was drooling for the opportunity to photograph such international fetish models as Kumi Monster, Rubberella, Dante Posh, and Nikki Vega, just to mention a few. was sponsoring both events, but I had already committed to photographing DomCon and giving a little presentation about fetish videos during the expo. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I had to turn down the invitation for Evolution. I assumed that DomCon would be much like FetishCon in Tampa, Florida , which I have attended for the past 3 years, but I was quite wrong. DomCon turned out to be a really wonderful 4-day event filled with some of the world’s top dominatrices, switches, submissives, bondage and fetish models, fetish photographers, performers, educators, and lifestyle practitioners.

After this trip to LA, my decision is going to be that much harder next year should the two events coincide once again.

I arrived in LA a bit late for the meet and greet Thursday night, and managed to make it just in time to throw down a Jack & Coke before heading to bed. The event was held in the Hilton LAX, where a group of rooms on the 10 th floor held us fetish deviants and allowed everyone to roam freely in latex or leather without frightening the rest of the guests. The trade show took place in the lower level of the hotel where presentations, workshops, and stage performances took place throughout the day. Walking through the convention hall, each booth held some of the finest handmade toys, whips, paddles, floggers, dungeon furniture, and latex or leather fetish clothing. My general impression of DomCon was that it is more lifestyle-oriented than fetish fashion, and the selection of vendors seemed to confirm this.

Fetish models, performers, and dominatrices in attendance included Jewell Marceau, Summer Cummings, Mistress Isabella Sinclair, Mistress Porsche Lynn, Mistress Xena, Insatiable Amazon, Domina Irene Boss, Mistress Brianna, Mistress Precious, and Mistress Vendela Zane. In the far corner of the room, Lady Hillary and the feisty Ladies of the Dominion were spanking lots of asses for charity to raise money for breast cancer research. Nearby the spanking ladies was a small stage where various bondage and other kinky performances took place throughout all three days. Not everything was performances and spanking, though. I gave a presentation explaining how to make money with amateur video content. Focusing on setting up an affiliate program with and make a lot of passive income (check out my theater to see an example), I hope that my talk will help make some amateur pornographers lots of extra cash!

Friday and Saturday nights were when the real fun began. Each of the two parties was held at Passive Arts Studios, a 7000-square-foot dungeon space with play stations set up throughout. A shuttle ran back and forth from the hotel every half hour, so there were no worries about partying hard and finding the way home! Friday night was the play party, and to my dismay it was essentially closed to photography…even with a pass. There was one room set aside in which to photograph, but I counted at least 4 other photographers. I wasn’t really in the mood for a photo-gangbang, so I opted to make the trip back and leave my camera in the room. Unfortunately I have no photos from Friday night’s party, but it did give me the rare opportunity to enjoy the night without worrying about my gear (camera gear that is).

Saturday night was the Fetish Ball, the largest party of the weekend. My night started with the opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot in the dungeon cell with Master Liam and his slaves Beauty and Arachnia. Stepping into the shoot was the amazing photographer Ken Marcus and the Marquis de Valmont. On the main stage, the industrial band Spanking Machine performed throughout the night. As a special treat, in celebration of Mistress Cyan’s birthday, four nude slaves carried a candle lit cake upon their shoulders. Mistress Cyan puts forth a great deal of energy to organize DomCon each year, and the crowd’s enthusiasm made it obvious that her work is greatly appreciated.

On Friday, I was fortunate to meet Mistress Minax while she was giving a presentation about the history of professional dominatrices. She invited me to join her and a lovely young submissive girl for a scene in the jail cell. Here, she proceeded to administer a proper OTK spanking, sprinkled with just the right amount of verbal humiliation and nipple torture to the buxom brunette. Perhaps most folks would not care for this type of play, but it was patently clear that the brunette in question was pleased with her playtime.

In another room, the exquisite Mistress Gemini shared the ass of a male submissive with another Domme…each taking turns paddling his ass in a rhythmic dance that ended only with a broken wooden paddle in the hands of this petite, yet dangerous Goddess. Glancing around the room, it seemed as though each play station was being used. I saw CBT to the right of me, trampling, smothering, and spanking to the left…and here I was, happily stuck in the middle with my camera again.

This was my second experience with the LA Kink scene in the past couple of months, and it was great to make some new friends. I’m hopeful that I’ll be returning soon and often, as there is an energy in LA that is quite unlike anything else. We’ll be heading to Munich in a few weeks for BoundCon, followed by one of my favorite events – Fetish Factory’s 12 th anniversary party, so check back soon for more updates!

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Photos and review by Michael Diamond

Here are more pics from Mike of Surgeon Studios – go to the DomCon 2007 folders in his MySpace Pics!

Hillary Scott sucking a lollipop

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While at the HotMovies booth at the Miami eXXXotica, Hillary Scott (winner of the Best Actress AVN award in 2007 for Corruption) paid a visit to sign autographs for her fans. While signing, she suddenly was handed a large penis-shaped lollipop and began doing what apparenly just comes naturally to her. Lady Venus shot a great selection of photos which are now live. Click her pic to see the gallery!

Miami eXXXotica 2007

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Last June, we attended our very first Miami Exxxotica event and we knew then that we’d be back for more. This year’s Exxxotica has already come and gone and we had a blast. This event was held the last weekend in March, a few months earlier than last year’s June show, but that did not seem to affect the number of fans in attendance. If anything, it seemed as if more attended this year’s festivities than last year’s. Again this year, was one of the primary sponsors of this exciting event showcasing the adult industry and its supporters.

Porn stars were all around the venue and nearly every booth had at least one beauty signing photos and posing with their ravenous fans. Many booths had several hot ladies gracing them. Right next to the booth were three gorgeous stars: Gina Lynn, Nikki Benz, and Alexis Amore. These ladies were swamped nearly the entire time by their adoring fans, both male and female, and they graciously smiled and posed for hours on end. And since I mentioned it, there were many females in attendance this year. It is exciting to see so many women who are so comfortable with sexuality! Another girl comfortable with her sexuality is hot Latina Megan Jones, who was more than happy to show us her brand-new titties. You can see Megan in two Sybian rides before she had her boobs done, if you have a preference for smaller, natural tits. Either way, though, this is one smoking hot chica!

On the other side of the booth was the BABE booth. This group attends events geared toward the adult entertainment industry to promote breast cancer awareness. Our friend Marcia was there, all smiles, to hand out foamy boobs signed by various porn stars for a $5 donation to the charity. Some of the ladies who signed the boobs were Moxxie Maddron, Ron Jeremy, and Taylor Wane. There is a myspace page that you can check out to learn more about this breast cancer and how you can offer your financial support to this non-profit organization.

Now, I already mentioned Ron Jeremy, but let me tell you a little more about this guy’s antics at Exxxotica 2007. One of Ron’s claims to fame is that he unceremoniously gropes just about every female fan that approaches him for a photo or an autograph. I can attest to that fact because I have witnessed others being groped as well as having the dubious honor of being groped myself at another event. When I say that he groped the fans of the fairer sex, I would like to be a smidge more specific. He weasels his chubby little hand into their bras and grabs a handful of tit. RJ also seems to have an affinity for shoving his fingers into the nether regions of some of the ladies while photos are being snapped for posterity. You don’t believe me? Look at the photo gallery and you can check out Ron in his glory, groping the lady fans as well as some of the hottest stars in the industry today. He snuck up behind the three stars at the Gina Lynn Productions booth and made his presence quickly known by brushing their long hair aside and gnawing (or was it feasting?) on their delicate and seemingly tasty necks. I personally heard several of the ladies exclaim that he was giving them goose bumps. Was this necessarily a compliment? I can’t be certain, but I can tell you that each girl was smiling, squealing, and laughing as he worked his Ron Jeremy charm.

So who else was there? Tommy Gunn hung out at a few booths and also lent a hand in judging the Miss Exxxotica 2007 contest. At the Wicked booth we saw Randy Spears, Carmen Hart, Kaylani Lei, and Jessica Drake. Jessica commented that she loved my shoes. (Guys, this is how girls bond with one another!) Randy is quite handsome. I made a mental note to check him out again at our next event…but I digress. A staple at adult industry gatherings is the Club Jenna booth and the super sexy stars of Club Jenna. Sassy blonde Brea Bennett signed autographs with a smile. Jenna Jameson herself showed up with a modern hairstyle. The asymmetrical cut is short in the back and long in the front to frame her pretty face. While I was feverishly snapping photos during her signing, I overheard some buzz in the crowd. Some fans commented that she has lost “a lot” of weight. There were even a few who seemed concerned for her well-being since she appeared to be rather bony. The girl is gorgeous, but she could use a sammich!! Also signing at the Club Jenna booth was Joanna Angel, who looked like a punk rock goddess with all her tattoos. One of her tattoos (a lady skull on her upper right arm) was done by Chris Nuñez from Miami Ink. Oh, yes, the Miami Ink folks had a booth there as well. Much to the disappointment of the visitors (and this writer), it seems that the booth held only a pen and a clipboard on a table so that people could sign up for an open casting call in order to be tattooed on the show. Damn. I had hoped to be able to watch these artists work their magic in person.

Other big names who were present to meet and greet the throngs of their adoring fans were Tera Patrick and Daisy Marie at the Club Tera booth. Carmen Luvana, Amber Rain, Jenna Haze, Sunny Lane, Lexi Bardot, Ava Rose, and Hillary Scott each spent some one-on-one time with their fans. Sunny was recently profiled on the ABC show Primetime, and I was anxious to meet her and speak with her about the interview. The Primetime story cast Sunny and her parents in a not-too-flattering light; however, Sunny was both well-spoken and charming. Her mother was there as well, and she is not the freak that the Primetime folks made her out to be. She’s just a mom who loves her daughter.

Hillary Scott [2007 AVN Award winner for Female Performer of the Year and Best Actress – Video (for Corruption )] spent some time with us at the booth on Saturday afternoon signing autographs and posing for photos….Um, oh yeah, she also sucked the ever-loving daylights out of a rainbow-striped lollipop shaped like a cock and she put her whole hand in her mouth. Yes, there are fantastic photos of it in our gallery and we also have some amazing video. Keep your eyes open for the video on

There were educational seminars and stage shows like last year, although some of the Saturday shows never actually went on as scheduled. Of course there were booths selling products like vibrators, dildos, clothing, and the like, but I prefer to focus on the talented performers who do whatever it takes to keep their fans satisfied. From the looks of things, I think that they are all doing a great job!

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Miami eXXXotica 2007 – Photos & Review by Lady Venus