Fetish Factory’s 12th Anniversary Weekend 2007

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It’s been one year since I photographed my first Fetish Factory party in south Florida. Since that time I’ve attended and photographed 26 different parties and adult conventions around the globe, including the Rubber Ball in London, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Nuit Demonia in Paris, and the LA Kink Ball to name a few. I can now say with some authority, that the Fetish Factory throws one of the best fetish events in the world!

Each year on Memorial day weekend, the Fetish Factory hosts its anniversary party. This three day event has been sponsored by FetishMovies.com for the past few years, and once again they graciously invited me to photograph the parties for them. I stayed at the host hotel, where hundreds of other lifestylers gathered. Transportation was provided to and from the parties each night, as well as to the Fetish Factory store throughout the day. The store alone is worth the trip to Ft. Lauderdale. They stock all top designers of latex and vinyl… from high-fashion to bizarre, and carry an incredible array of alternative clubwear, footwear, accessories, toys, media and much more.

Friday night’s Beat & Greet Lounge kicked off the weekend, with a high-energy crowd that was ready to play! This year the open-air patio was the place to be, where the latex and leather-clad crowd mingled, partied, and played well into the early morning hours. One thing that makes a Fetish Factory party unique is the willingness of the players to be photographed. It’s typical for most people to shy away from the camera when they’re playing, fearful of a comprising picture of them engaging spanking, bondage, or some other BDSM play. But the regular players who attend the monthly Fetish Factory parties are exhibitionists who welcome the chance to be photographed in action. Memorable scenes of the night included three girls trampling a bound and blindfolded slave in their high heels, and a beautiful blonde Domme administering a bare-ass spanking with her wooden paddle. I edited my photos from the night down to about 140 of the best images in the gallery that you can find here.

Saturday night was the main event of the weekend, the Anniversary Fetish Ball held at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach. This multi-level venue was converted into a Fetish wonderland, complete with plenty of play areas set up throughout the club. I spent the first couple of hours walking through the club photographing party-goers and players. At one point I shot a really hot FemDom scene between a muscle bound Domme and her equally pumped up slave. Later I was invited to step into the dressing room for a bit where the performers were preparing for the show. On the main stage, Mistress of Ceremonies Bianca Beauchamp announced that the Demask fashion show was about to begin.

The show went flawlessly, as each model strutted the stage in the latest Demask latex. In between the two-part fashion show, Master Luk and Mistress Mai from Montreal did a sinful performance with their disobedient slaves in a Demask Nun and Preist Outfit. Following the second part of the Demask show, performances by Darenzia and Chain Goddess Brandy were a prelude for the grand finale. To the rhythm of Taiko drummers, Rebecca of RebeccasRubberRoom.com entered wearing a black latex geisha robe designed by Polymorphe, accompanied by 2 acrobatic Ninjas. She stripped down to a pure white catsuit by Polymorphe and demonstrated her skills with flammable substances.

Just after the Rebecca’s performance, it was suddenly announced that the club was being forced to close two hours early! Although the Fetish Factory anniversary parties have been held at that venue for years, the city ordinance requiring nightclubs to close by 2:00 am was being enforced for the first time. The massive crowd was suddenly dispersed at the height of party-mode! With much of the group being shuttled back to the hotel, you can imagine what the mood was like by the time they were all back. What followed that evening was something extraordinary. The rooms all faced one another 8 or 9 stories high with a courtyard in the middle. Looking out across the balconies, you could see room after room of people still dressed and ready to party. Strolling through the halls, the night became a fetish-crawl as people floated from room to room, the loyal fetishists refusing to surrender to the events of the night. The party kept going until well into the morning hours.

Sunday was the perfect day to relax before the final party, and the pool party hosted by Fetish Factory was the ideal place to do just that. People came out to the pool to hang out in their latex or swimsuits (or even their latex swimsuits!) and soak in the Florida sun before heading out to the Extreme Player’s Party later that night.

The Fetish Factory Extreme Player’s Party is something that you have to see to believe. With everyone feeling a bit unfulfilled because of Saturday night’s premature evacuation, the energy of the crowd flowed like a palpable wave throughout the room. It was difficult to tear myself away from the scenes scattered about the club, to return to the main stage for a few more performances. Darenzia performed the second part of her show which was cut short the night before. Also on stage this night was suspension artist Alan Falkner, Chain Goddess Brandy, and the Terror Twins.

After the performances I continued to wander around the club, catching photos of Dante Posh using a single-tail whip on her slave or Mistress V from Montreal using a violet wand for a little electro-play. In another area of the club, Goddess Arsine and transgender performer Tara Emery were engaged in a little strap-on play while the crowd looked on. By the end of the evening, I had encountered a number of spankings and floggings, and plenty of bare red asses to make my night complete. I skipped the after party, and head back to the hotel just in time to pack for my morning flight back home.

It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, visiting Munich, London and South Florida to bring you a taste of the world’s greatest Fetish Events. Keep checking back, as there are still plenty of erotic events taking place this year. The next trip is Toronto for the Toronto Sex Show, followed by Amsterdam for Clinic and then Los Angeles for LA Erotica!

Once again, I’d like to thank FetishMovies.com for sponsoring all of these wonderful Fetish events and inviting me to photograph them. Visit FetishMovies.com through my site and get 20 free minutes to watch over 8,000 fetish videos!

Munich BoundCon IV 2007 – Day 3 Photos and Review

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This year was the first time we had the chance to travel to beautiful Munich, Germany, for the 4th annual BoundCon.

We had been to Berlin last October for the Venus show, and we were excited to visit a new German city. We took a little time to do some sightseeing, but the main reason for us to be there was BoundCon IV. The show was exciting and more intimate than some of the others that we have seen. The hall was not overwhelming in its size, and there was plenty to see and do.

From the name of the event, BoundCon IV, you might guess that the featured events involved lots of rope. You would be correct. Some extremely talented shibari rope artists attended and they did not disappoint the attendees. Munich is a friendly city, and everyone we met at BoundCon was happy to be there and eager to show off either their rigging skills or their flexibility while being tied and suspended. A talented rigger, Mistress Shadow, found her bliss in suspending herself at least several times that I saw. During one of her stage shows, she not only suspended herself, but she used a candle to do a little wax play on herself – while hanging upside down! Another familiar face is the flexible, flamingly red-haired fetish model Mina. She was a busy girl who appeared in several stage shows. Mina found herself bound and walking around the venue off of the stage as well.

An extensively choreographed staged performance starred Mina and Shibari Patrick as well as a host of red flag-baring, topless ladies. At the beginning of the show, Patrick came on the stage wearing an elaborate black costume and a very large wicker Oriental head piece. Patrick began an elaborate suspension with Mina while the 12 ladies ran around the stage carrying big red flags. (This made photography difficult at best, but I think that I managed to grab a few beautiful shots.) He used red rope that matched the model’s screamingly bright red hair. After Patrick completed his impressive suspension rigging, he left the stage and came back to the stage wearing a white costume. Then he toyed with and released the lovely Mina from her restraints. To describe it with words is difficult. If you did not see it in person, please check out the gallery.

On the third day, Andreas (the event organizer) appeared in a stage show. (After the show ended, I was told that it had been requested that photos and video not be taken; however, the announcement was made only in German, and I had no idea that the request had been made until it was too late!) Two ladies were tied by their wrists to a wooden structure. A third very defiant lady in a breast-baring camouflage shirt and tattered shorts was also brought out on the stage. She resisted when Andreas placed restraints on her wrists and ankles. Properly restrained, the defiant beauty was subjected to some corporal punishment. She was then released and led to a dog cage, upon which she was restrained and then subjected to some wax play. The best way to remove wax is a sound flogging, and Andreas did just that. Finally she was set free and she left the stage. Andreas released the other two restrained girls who remained at his feet, seemingly seeking his approval. With a blaze of pyrotechnics, the formerly defiant lady strutted onto the stage wearing a black and translucent latex gown, carrying a collar on a silver tray. She was then collared by Andreas, at which point she fell to her knees and worshipped at his feet with another fiery display at the back of the stage. It was an exciting scene to watch and no one expected the pyrotechnics!

One of our friends from the US, Domina Irene Boss, also attended BoundCon IV. I was able to view and photograph her on the stage as she explained how to use a whip and where to purchase and repair them. She covered safety, warming up a submissive for a proper whipping, and several whipping techniques, which she then followed with a demonstration. Her willing male volunteer was marked with some lovely red streaks across his ass. Following her demonstration, she generously made herself available for those who wanted to have a go with a whip. I recall hearing several quite loud cracks after her stage demo, so it seemed that Ms. Boss was able to covey her message quite effectively to the predominately German-speaking crowd.

Beautiful LA-based dominatrix Isabella Sinclair manned a booth and she put on an enticing stage show with two lovely female bondage enthusiasts. Clad in black and blue latex, she restrained her models. Both girls were bound at their wrists and their arms were pulled over their heads. Next Ms. Sinclair placed clips onto the girls’ nipples. There were chains connecting the clips in a Y-shape, and the end of the Y was clipped onto the opposing girl’s collar. This meant that anytime one girl would arch away from the other, it would pull the other girl’s nipple clips. After a little flogging, there was a light whipping scene before the girls were released. Also present was ubiquitous bondage babe Stacey Burke, looking tanned and sexy as ever.

For me to describe every rigging scene would take pages and pages and I couldn’t possibly do each scene justice. You would be best served by viewing the photo gallery because the photos tell you so much more than I ever could. I hope that you can appreciate the talent of the riggers and the models. It certainly cannot be easy to suspend someone safely, nor could it be easy to be the individual suspended and toyed with. We look forward to going back there next year for BoundCon V.

Day 1 Gallery
Day 2 Gallery
Day 3 Gallery

Review by Lady Venus

Munich BoundCon 2007 – Day 2 Photos

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Photos from day 2 of Munich BoundCon 2007 are now live! This 4 day event was billed as the largest European Fetish convention, and was filled with rope bondage demonstrations and fetish venders from around the world. This gallery is from Friday’s show and includes a performance by Isabella Sinclair and Her two submissive female slaves.

Check out my exclusive fetish photo gallery here!

Munich BoundCon 2007 – Day 1 Photos

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Returning from an exhausting trip to Munich for BoundCon 2007, I’m working on editing all of the photos from this 4 day event. Here is the gallery from the the first day with a selection of photos from both Lady Venus (LV) and myself. There was a lot going on, with shibari demonstrations taking place on the main stage and all throughout the venue. I have three more days of photos to edit in addition to Saturday night’s Torture Garden gallery which will be going live soon. Check back daily for updates and our reviews of both events.

Coming up this weekend is Fetish Factory’s birthday celebration, which is really going to be fun! I’m looking forward to seeing my Florida friends & shooting all three nights. Glenn puts on one of the best fetish parties in the US, so if you’re able to make the trip, I highly recommend coming to the 12th year anniversary weekend!

With so much going on, it may take a week or so before all of the galleries are up, so hang tight for more bondage and suspension photos!

Mistress Paulina and Mistress Dominique

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Last year, I had the opportunity to photograph two of the beautiful Dominatrices from The Royal Castle in downtown Philadelphia. Mistress Paulina and Mistress Dominique shared one lucky slave in this shoot. This is a more explicit gallery, including CBT, foot worship, knife play, spanking, flogging, and a smoking scene. Check back in a couple of weeks for photos from the upcoming BoundCon in Munich!

Mistress Gemini

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While in LA for DomCon a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to meet the gorgeous Mistress Gemini who is a professional Dominatrix in Los Angeles. She has a beautiful dungeon, and graciously invited me to shoot some of my fetish video at her location. In between my Sybian videos, I had the opportunity to shoot a full day of various Female Domination and other videos with the legendary Jewell Marceau and Natalia Love. Here’s a little photo gallery of a tickle torture session and a hot sensory deprivation scene for you to enjoy!