Erotica LA 2007

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Written by Lady Venus, photos by Lady Venus
View the entire photo gallery here sponsored the 2007 Erotica LA show again this year and we were happy to document the event for the fans who could not attend in person. Before I tell you all the juicy details of the happenings at the LA Convention Center, I have something that I’d like to get off my 38DDs. An odd phenomenon occurred at this show. For some reason, there were booths with signs stating that to take a photo of the (kind of) hottie sluts in their booth there was a fee of $5. What? Not only do the fans have to pay $35 simply to enter the venue, but now you are demanding a $5 fee to take a photo of some no-name aspiring porn starlet? Wow. I could understand having a fee if the people in the booth were taking Polaroids of the girls with each fan and then giving the photo to the fan. This can be an expensive venture. Alas, however, this was not the case. Each fan had his or her own camera.

What I found most puzzling, however, is that as the event went on, other booths which previously had no such signs jumped right on that tasteless bandwagon also demanding a fee to take pictures of their anonymous models and dancers. Give me a break, ladies. If you want tips, then maybe you ought to consider waiting tables or exotic dancing as your career choice. Take note that the offenders were not the large, well-known studios. Perhaps these girls did not read the signs scattered throughout the convention center floor that stated that simply being at the event served as a release for any and all forms of recording. Whatever, bitches…I’m moving on.

Let’s get to the good stuff. At the 11th annual Erotica LA show, there were around 200 exhibitors who peddled sex toys, chocolate, clothing, DVDs, and more. It was loud, crowded, and quite a lot of fun. Purchasing a one-day pass would be sufficient to see all that the show had to offer, but one would be rushed in doing so. This event is perfect for people who might not go to an adult store for fear of embarrassment. While some feel that going to an adult store might be considered a walk of shame, so to speak, that attitude is thrown out the door at Erotica LA. Everyone is there because they are sexual creatures and no one judges anyone else for it. Attendees had to be at least 18 years old to get in the door, but there was definitely no upper age limit. Some attendees must have been in their 60s or 70s. Good for them! I hope that when I am that age I’ll still have an interest in sex.

We were glad to see some old friends like Ava Devine, Harmony, Marcia at the B.A.B.E. booth, Sunny Lane, and Tommy Gunn. Max Hardcore himself stopped by the Hotmovies booth for a visit as well. I personally made a few new friends, but my absolute favorite was the Sweet Arousals booth. They were selling some tasty chocolate candies in naughty shapes.

Other than meeting the stars, there were plenty of things to pass time at Erotica LA. For the adventurous types, there was a mechanical bull set up on the floor or the porn star karaoke. Of course, not everyone was ready to step up to those activities, but there were other more sedate things to do. The B.A.B.E. booth was giving ladies the chance to have “porn star eyes” and a make up artist was on hand to apply long false eyelashes and dramatic eye shadow, all for a mere $5 donation to their worthy cause. A nearby booth was doing nail art for free. Across the floor was a booth of massage chairs for attendees who needed a brief moment of serenity in the chaos that is Erotica LA. Would you rather just be a voyeur? Then the stage shows are just what you ordered! The Hustler fashion show was back again with a bevy of hot bodies in the latest sexy gear. A fun show with dancing, confetti, and a fantastic drag queen brought the crowd to a frenzy, while the burlesque shows took the audience back to a time of seductive, teasing dance moves complete with enormous feather fans. Of course, if you were there on Saturday evening, you could have taken the chance to watch the 2nd annual F.A.M.E. Awards. We were there and you can read about it and see red carpet and backstage photos here. If all of this was not enough to pass the time, there was also an erotic art exhibit that featured paintings, movies, collages, and sculptures. Some pieces were available for sale for those who were particularly moved by them. For attendees who might not normally have been exposed to erotic art, this was an amazing opportunity to sample some one-of-a-kind beautiful works.

At some of the booths there were small shows. Master Liam and his friends kept the crowds fascinated with some bondage and suspension scenes. He and his cohorts used rope to tie up one girl and then they used a violet wand to torture her. She didn’t seem to mind at all and, in fact, she quite enjoyed herself. They also showed us another use for plastic wrap. One of the sexy models was wrapped and suspended in green plastic wrap. At another booth, the ladies learned how to give a proper lap dance. For those who wanted to educate themselves about BDSM, Mistress Marina gave a seminar to a packed room of curious newbies. She mentioned several books to help the curious in their quest for knowledge of a carnal nature.

If you didn’t make it to the 2007 AVN/AEE show, then this would have been a fine option. Some of the larger booths were those of the biggest studios like Club Jenna, Wicked, Evil Angel, and Jules Jordan. Fans had the opportunity to meet the girls of their wet dreams, but the queues were not nearly as long as at AVN. Jenna Jameson, Ava Rose, Joanna Angel, Jessica Drake, Courtney Cummz, Belladonna, Tera Patrick, Gina Lynn, Jack Lawrence, Vanessa Blue, Taylor Wane, Gia Paloma, Kelly Kline, and so many other stars were signing autographs and posing for photos with their fans for three days. It appeared that each of them, while they must have been exhausted (especially the ladies in their mile-high stilettos), kept a great attitude. The stars know that they are nothing without their fans, and they truly appreciate them. Be sure to check out our gallery to see how sexy everyone looked and to see what you missed at the 2007 Erotica LA show. Be sure to check it out next year so you don’t miss a thing!

2007 Fame Awards

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Written by Lady Venus, photos by Lady Venus and Michael Diamond
View the entire photo gallery here

We have just attended our very first FAME Awards ceremony sponsored by In case you aren’t aware, the F.A.M.E. Awards stands for “Fans of Adult Media & Entertainment” and this was the second year for this particular awards ceremony. These awards are something that adult film fans have a say in, from the nominations to the winners. The ceremony was held in the LA Convention Center, the same venue as the 2007 Erotica LA show. (We also attended that, and you can see the gallery here.) Initially, we had hoped that we would be able to give you a big, descriptive story about it; however, since there were only 14 awards given and the ceremony was barely 45 minutes long, we’ll just give you a very brief run down. It was a no bullshit happening and moved quickly.

Both of us photographed the red carpet, but we arrived a little late and had to nudge ourselves to the front. After the red carpet portion wrapped up, Michael stayed out front to watch the ceremony and Lady Venus was in the back to photograph the gleeful winners after they had been shuffled off stage with their shiny, new awards in hand. I could hear little of the show where I was backstage, so Michael is my only source of information for the goings-on out there. (Here’s a little non sequitur for you: while I was in the back awaiting the commencement of the show, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of Dave Navarro as he sat on the floor relaxing. His face seems to be nearly perfectly symmetrical, in case you were wondering.) But I digress…It was a standard awards ceremony with little pomp and circumstance. All of the winners were present to accept their awards with the exception of lovely Teagan Presley. She won the “Favorite Ass” award. Smoking hot, ever-smiling Jesse Jane (who herself won “Hottest Body”) graciously accepted the award on behalf of Teagan. Of note, however, was Jenna Jameson’s acceptance speech. She was honored with the award for Favorite Performer of All-Time. Jenna thanked her fans for sticking by her during the rough year that she has had. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, Jenna acknowledged the rumors that have been circulating about her health. She assured her fans that she is happy and healthy and then she thanked Playboy for making her a rich woman, alluding to the deal that she crafted with them last year. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure to see Jenna up close and personal, she seems to be a little on the thin side of late. (Some fans in the long queue to meet her at the LA Erotica show were quietly voicing concern that she has become too thin.)

And then, before we knew what happened, the 2007 F.A.M.E. Awards was finished. The stars posed for a group shot on stage and that was that.

So, yeah, that is just about all we can offer you about the 2007 F.A.M.E. Awards other than the list of winners below.

Favorite Female Starlet – Tera Patrick

Favorite Male Star – Randy Spears

Favorite Performer of All Time – Jenna Jameson

Favorite Director – Jules Jordan

Favorite Feature Movie – “Island Fever 4″

Favorite Gonzo Movie – “Jenna Haze Dark Side”

Favorite Studio – Vivid Entertainment Group

Favorite Oral Star – Jenna Haze

Favorite Anal Star – Courtney Cummz

Favorite Breasts – Stormy Daniels

Favorite Ass – Teagan Presley

Hottest Body – Jesse Jane

Dirtiest Girl in Porn – Belladonna

Favorite Female Rookie – Amy Ried

Amsterdam Clinic Weekend 2007

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With a somewhat clear head for the first time in 5 days, I’m sitting in the airport in Amsterdam awaiting my flight back to the US. This past weekend the Netherlands was the place to be for kinky perverts and fetishists, where sponsored Absolute Danny’s Clinic weekend. This two-day fetish event kicked off with a superb dinner theater Friday night, followed by what I would say was one of the most raw, sexually charged parties I’ve ever been to. This party was not for the curious newbie, in fact even more seasoned fetishists may have found themselves a bit daunted by the Dutch version of kink.

I arrived on Thursday and had a day free to explore Amsterdam, where I wandered around for a bit to do a few touristy things – visit the Rijksmuseum to see a few Vermeers, stop in one or two coffee shops, and make an obligatory visit to the Red Light District. The main Red Light District covers primarily one canal, but there are pockets of “mini Red-lights” in several areas in the old part of the city. These so-called “mini Red lights” have been operating for hundreds of years. As one walks along the canal, the women stand inside red neon-bordered windows trying to catch the eye of any male who glances in her direction. If you happen to catch the eye of a particularly comely lass, she will tap the window and beckon you to come in for a 20-minute session for 50 Euros. The prostitutes behind the windows range from very beautiful to very scary and many different nationalities can be found including Asian, Latin, and some European. In addition to the sex workers, there are hundreds of sex shops as well, and not just in the District. Unlike similar shops in the U.S. and elsewhere, the Dutch shops don’t usually draw a line at straight or even gay sex. There are sections for all types, including zoo, various fetish, BDSM, and, of course, gay and lesbian.

Friday night’s Clinic Dinner Theater was held in the restaurant “The Palace Of Melancholy”, situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The club had a cabaret theme, enhanced by the vocal talent of La Sirene, whose unique style is reminiscent of the old days of decadent Berlin. The food was sensational, including a top quality four-course meal with a number of choices for the main course. During dinner, we were entertained by variety of fetish performances, including UK burlesque performer Nina de Nautéé, who enthralled the audience with two shows. From Italy, Nikla Black along with Rubberstar performed a latex enhanced revival of the film “Viva Maria” from 1965. Following the inimitable Italians, we were treated to an extreme medical burlesque show by Syban, who showed us the beauty and intensity of needle play in her rendition of the “Dying Swan”.

Finally, the evening’s entertainment ended with an erotic masturbation show by Foxxy Angel. This was a sexually graphic show, unlike anything that one could (legally) see in the US. On stage, a demure Japanese schoolgirl, hair cropped close to her head, awaited her Mistress. Her tattooed Mistress entered with a curved glass dildo in her hand, and proceeded to lift the innocent girl’s skirt…revealing her bare, shaved pussy. Sitting on her chair with her submissive student at her feet, the Mistress began to penetrate herself with the dildo. The young girl eagerly opened her mouth to receive her Mistress’ honey-covered phallus before taking over for her Domme. She began to fuck her Mistress with the glass cock, bringing her to a powerful orgasm while the entranced audience watched from their seats.

Saturday night was the Clinic Party, famous for being one of the kinkiest fetish parties in Amsterdam. The Clinic is known as the destination for the most sexually diverse people in Europe, dressed in their favorite latex, leather, PVC, and high heels. Attracting celebrants of every age and sexual orientation, The Clinic is celebrated for its open-minded party-goers, experiencing the ultimate fetish night out four times a year. The venue was separated into a number of rooms, including the dance floor with the main stage, a cage where a number of performances took place throughout the night, a dungeon that was for couples only, and a couple of “dark rooms” where virtually anything could and did happen.

The first scene I was treated to that night was a latex medical scene by Empress Victoria and her male latex slave “slutty,” assisted by nurse Dante Posh in her red latex uniform by Absolute Danny. Inside a steel cage, these two naughty nurses had their slave bound and bent over a spanking bench while they double teamed him with a little strap-on play. This slutty slave had long-legged nurse Dante forcing him to suck her rubber cock at one end, while Asian Goddess Victoria pulled a strand of anal beads from the other. As further humiliation, he had to endure a spanking by Nurse Victoria while his other Domme proceeded to mummify his head in white gauze.

On the main stage, Syban (the beautiful “Dying Swan” from the night before) performed a seemingly grotesque self-mutilation scene in which she cut herself with a large butcher’s knife and feasted on her own flesh. Thankfully she simulated this by using bladders of fake blood and other gooey greenish-gray substances that were strategically placed on parts of her body. (Also thankfully she didn’t perform this the night of the dinner theater!)

In another part of the club, tables were positioned around a small stage where rope suspension expert Shadow and her troop from Belgium were enjoying a playful little cat and mouse game. I’ve seen Shadow perform her self-suspension in Paris at Nuit Demonia, London at Rubber Ball, and most recently in Munich during BoundCon IV. This was the first time I saw her rigging somebody else! She dangled two little mice (adorable, female, HUMAN mice!), each suspended by rope to a frame above the stage where they writhed and wiggled while the rest of the menagerie frolicked below.

On the main stage, the two Italian latex beauties gave us a very slippery milk-bath performance. Wearing matching black latex catsuits with hoods and kitty ears, the two messy kittens shared a bowl of cream. They took turns drinking from the bowl and licking the splashed cream from each other’s bodies. The white cream contrasted beautifully against the black shiny latex, as they swapped a stream of milk from mouth to mouth in a simulated cum swap. Finally, the last performance was another masturbation show by Foxxy Angel. This show was similar to the one from the previous evening, sans the Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

In between performances I wandered around the club snapping a few photos of the partygoers throughout the evening. The club was very dark, allowing many cozy nooks for spontaneous sexual play. I’ve been to fetish parties before where exhibitionists played, but the Clinic party was the most openly sexual party I’ve experienced. Mattresses were set up in some of the darker areas, and were used all night long. At one point I was watching a woman fellating two men, taking turns orally pleasing each. Around them a group of a dozen or so men were watching, masturbating, or reaching forward to grope and touch the occupied woman. Hands were everywhere throughout the night, as the mostly male partiers were engaging in a night-long frottage fest. The dungeon area was off-limits for photography as were most of the darker areas, which limited the number of photos I was able to take. Trust me: if you are a voyeur, the Clinic party will be nirvana for you.

By 6:00 am, the party was over. I stayed to help Danny and Mistress Absolute break down the club before catching a cab back to my hotel. After a little bit of sleep and one last trip to a coffee house for another excellent espresso (I will miss the coffee), I made it to the airport to head back to the states. The photos turned out pretty well, although I always wish I had taken more. Check out the full gallery here, and please leave a comment if you like them! It would help me a lot of you share the link to my site with anyone who might like to see photos from some of the greatest fetish parties in the world! If you are interested in exchanging links, let me know as well. Also, if you know of an upcoming fetish event that I should cover, send me an email and I’ll check it out!


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Torture Garden Birthday 2007

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I’ve finally gotten the photos from Torture Garden 2007 Birthday party edited and posted. This time of year, it seems as though there is a fetish event or two every week. This year, TG’s birthday overlapped with Munich BoundCon and was followed by the Berlin Fetish weekend and Fetish Factory’s 12th anniversary party. While Lady Venus & I were in Munich for BoundCon IV, I made an overnight trip to London to photograph the Torture Garden Birthday party. It was an exhausting 30 hour pilgrimage to London and back to Munich, but was well worth it!

Torture Garden is known not only for the gorgeous latex clothing line they produce, but also for some of the wildest fetish parties in the world! It was held in SeOne beneath London Bridge this year. This is a really cool club, with many little rooms and a main stage where the fashion show took place.

I got there a little late, and the club was already packed. For the first couple of hours, I was able to get a lot of shots of the party-goers, all dressed to the max in some of the most exquisite latex I’ve seen this year. By midnight, the TG fashion show was about to begin. I was camping out by the stage for a bit, knowing that there would be no way I could make it to the front with the enormous crowd. Fortunately, I had a prime spot and got some good shots of the fashion show.

It wasn’t until late in the night that I realized that I was missing half of the entire event! There were two rooms tucked away in the back with a dungeon and performances that I totally missed! I was very sad to realize that I missed Kumi Monster & Midori’s show (which I heard was excellent). I did manage to make my way back later, and got some shots of the dungeon. The club was so packed that for a couple of hours it was nearly impossible to photograph at all! I wasn’t totally pleased with my images from the night, and am still kicking myself that I missed so much in the back rooms. However, here is the gallery for Torture Garden’s birthday 2007. I hope you enjoy!