Libertine Ball 2007 in Philadelphia

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Photos from Philadelphia’s Libertine Ball 2007 are now live! This marks the 4th Libertine ball I’ve photographed, the first in 2004 which was the first fetish event we’d covered. It was great being back home, covering this yearly summer party sponsored by Passional, Philadelphia’s premier fasion and fetish boutique. Kali Morgan and her troupe of volunteers put together another terrific night of fetish fasion, performances and play that lasted into the early morning.

Performances included a singletail demonstration by leatherman and whip magician Wayne Brawner from Atlanta, GA. (Read an interview with Wayne on the Passional website here.) Miss Kitty Victorian performed a classic burlesque fan-dance, and Misstress Astrid and Lady Lola of the Royal Castle brought cheers from the crowd with their “I want candy” D/S scene with Mommy dearest Astrid giving a well deserved candy-coated spanking to naughty little Lola. Other performances included a fashion show by Baby Love’s Latex, and Delicious Corsets and the Alchemy Dance Troupe. It was a fun night as usual, but as I was flying to Osaka early the next morning, it took me a little longer than usual to get all of the photos edited and live. The gallery can be found here.

Fetish in Osaka, Japan

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I arrived in Japan yesterday after a grueling 17 hour flight from Philadelphia where I’ll be attending the Adult Treasure Expo, the first porn convention ever held in Japan. My friend Rik, a fetish photographer and videographer in Osaka, met me at the airport and informed me that he arranged to introduce me to some of his friends in the Japanese fetish scene. The fetish community in Japan is compartively small, and much more underground than in many other countries and difficult to enter without knowing someone in the scene. Last night we went to an S&M bar called Club Doma, which is a fetish version of the Japanese “hostess bar”.

There are many of these small BDSM bars in Japan, where for about 6,000 yen you can have a drink or two and chat with one of the beautiful hostesses. A typical SM club is by all appearances a dungeon, but the customers are only there to watch a scene or talk to the ladies. There is no sex, or fetish play in many of the clubs, although some of them do offer a submissive the opportunity to be dominated for an additional fee.

At Club Doma, Mamasan Midori kindly let me photograph some of the young m-jo (masochistic submissives)and jousama (Dominatrix) hostesses. It was a slow night with only a couple of men at the bar, so I was able to get a few shots of the ladies, who were eager to have their pictures taken by a gaijin. They were very curious about me as it is not common for a foreigner to visit the club, and they kept asking me to show them my penis (which in the name of foreign diplomacy, I obliged).

Tonight we’re heading to Kyoto to visit Madam Dahlia’s Fetish lounge, located just off Kyoto’s Kiyamachi Street, down a narrow alley heading towards Pontocho—one of the city’s four official areas where geishas work. I first met Dahlia in Paris during Nuit Demonia, where I saw her exquisite shibari. She has a few special treats lined up for us, so check back to see photos.

The night before my flight I shot at the Libertine Ball in Philadelphia. It was great shooting in my home town, but unfortunatly Lady Venus hurt her ankle and wasn’t able to attend this year. I missed having her there, and she was sad not to be able to photograph the party. I’ll try to get the photos edited very soon, so if you were at the party and are looking for pics, please keep checking back!


Fetish Factory July Alter Ego Party

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Photos by Michael Diamond
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I’ve been to three Fetish Factory anniversary parties, from the 10th to the 12th, and have always been amazed by how well produced, organized, and incredibly fun they’ve been. Each month, Fetish Factory hosts a smaller event…the Alter Ego Party. Whereas the anniversary parties are packed with the world’s top fetish performers, including Rubber Doll, Bianca Beauchamp, Alan Falkner, and Angela Ryan, to name a few, the monthly parties skip the embellishments and rely on the energy of the crowd for entertainment.

During the past couple of years, I’ve been to some of the world’s biggest Fetish events, but I can say without any hesitation that the Fetish Factory Alter Ego parties are a staunch rival to the more elaborate productions. Without the break of staged performances, the party was free to build on its own momentum. While I love to photograph a good show, sometimes the party loses its energy while the crowd is stuck watching a two-hour performance.

Over 900 people attended last weeks Alter Ego party, and party they did…well into the early morning. The club was filled with exhibitionists, eager to have their photo taken no matter how extreme they were playing. Who needs an elaborate production when you can roam from room to room and watch the players getting down and dirty. Many of the photos I took are too explicit for my gallery, but you can find them on the Fetish Factory’s site.

Next week, we’re heading to Japan for the Adult Treasure Expo. This is the first porn convention ever held in Japan, and I’m looking forward to a few days in Osaka to shoot some fetish before taking the bullet train into Tokyo for the expo.

Lady Venus

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Photos by Michael Diamond
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Here is a gallery from 2005 with Lady Venus and a young submissive. At the time we were running, and producing exclusive female domination videos and photo galleries for the site. For the past couple of years however, we’ve focused less on FemDom content and more on other fetish and our “Sybian Rides 4 Cash” series of videos, as well as photograph events around the world. is now a Female Domination personals site & resource, and all of the photo galleries have been locked away for the past couple of years until now. Enjoy!