Rebecca in Green Latex

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Here’s a shoot from a few months ago with Rebecca wearing green latex. We shot this at her friends studio, Downtown Loft Studio, located in Ft. Lauderdale. While shooting, we were joined by her friend Kim who jumped in for a few shots. I don’t have a chance to do as much studio photography as I would like, so having access to such a great space (including all the lighting I needed) was terrific. If you’re a photographer in the Ft. Lauderdale area, make sure to give The Loft a try!
Next week is Montreal Fetish Weekend, so check back soon for pics from this terrific Canadian fetish party! While in Montreal, I will be looking for a few latex models who are interested in shooting with me. If you’re going to be there, and want to work with me, send me an email with some photos!

Site was down

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My site was down for 48 hours over the weekend because of a problem moving it over to a new server. There are still some errors, and some images may be missing from the galleries, but I think I have things pretty much back to normal. Please let me know if you find a problem, or if a photo you requested be removed is back up. I had to reload all of the galleries, and some images I deleted from the server may have inadvertently gotten put back up. I tried to make sure I re-removed all requested images from the past 5 galleries, so please take a look and let me know if anything is amiss!

FetishCon 2007 Photos are now live!

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See the entire gallery here.

It’s been a week since FetishCon, and I’m still in recovery! Thanks to for sponsoring FetishCon again this year, and sending us to photograph this incredible 4-day event! The 7th annual FetishCon was the fourth that we’ve attended, and with each coming year FetishCon seems to grow bigger and better. For four days, fetish models, photographers, fans, and lifestylers took over the Hyatt Regency in Tampa, turning the normally vanilla hotel into a fetish lover’s dream. One could scarcely walk from the hotel room (most turned into makeshift studios) to the lobby without crossing paths with one of the many beautiful, latex-clad fetish models roaming the halls.

Of all of the events we’ve attended over the past two years, FetishCon remains the most diverse. Part tradeshow, part photographer’s dream, and all party, FetishCon has become one of the largest gatherings of fetish lovers in the US. This huge fetish tradeshow consisted of hundreds of top bondage and fetish models, fetish vendors, fetish exhibitors, and BDSM workshops and demonstrations that lasted for three fun-filled days. This year, the convention was graced with some of America’s most well known fetish models including Darla Crane, Eden Wells, Anastasia Pierce, Stacey Burke, RubberDoll, Diana Knight, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn, Angela Ryan, Isabella Sinclaire, Jewell Marceau, Midori, Kumi Monster, Kendra James, Smoking Mary Jane, and Vivian Irene Pierce. Domina Irene Boss made an appearance as well, showcasing her terrific FemDom DVDs…some of the best Female Domination videos on the market today.

If you’re a fetish photographer, FetishCon is an event that you must put on your calendar for 2008. There are hundreds of fetish and bondage models looking for work, as this has become one of the number one destinations for fetish models and photographers to meet. Some of the today’s highest regarded fetish photographers such as Lochai, Scott Church, and L.C. of Misfit Studios, were shooting all weekend, as well as hundreds of content producers creating bondage and fetish videos (including ErosArts). Hotel rooms on every floor were used as studios for damsel in distress to balloon fetish photography and video. Even the fans were given the opportunity to hone their camera skills, as riggers tied girls all weekend long throughout the showroom floor. One of the most popular booths was RubberDoll and her “wheel of pain.” Here, fans had the chance to spin this carnival-like wheel for a chance to win a prize, or better yet… a chance to be punished by RubberDoll herself! Punishments included a spanking, the stockade, or my personal favorite, the violet wand.

Each night there was another party to attend. The meet-and-greet Thursday night was the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends, as fans mingled with models, lifestylers, and fetish photographers at the hotel bar. Friday night’s Vamps & Vixens ball was said to be a smashing success (I missed that one, due to a little too much over indulgence the night before). The biggest party of the weekend was Saturday night’s Midnight Masquerade held at Club Chambers. This huge party was sponsored by the main sponsor of the entire weekend, Clips4Sale has virtually revolutionized the Fetish industy by making it possible for anybody who loves fetish and has the desire to produce fetish videos to become a producer. For the second year in a row, Clips4Sale has helped FetishCon to keep growing and become one of the best fetish events in the US. At Saturday night’s party, the first floor of the venue was reserved for partying and performances, while the entire second floor was where the fun took place. BDSM furniture was spread throughout the second floor, and was well used all night long. Photography wasn’t permitted on the second floor however, so I’m sad to say that I was unable to catch the action. I did manage to sneak a few photos of Uncle Eric, a familiar face at the Fetish Factory parties and a true spanking artist, before the announcement was made that photos weren’t allowed.

Down on the first floor, performances took place on the center stage all night long. Playboy model Stacey Burke was the MC for the night, and pranced onto the stage as the energize-her bunny, keeping the crowd entertained between performances. The show began with a fan dance by Natalie Minx. The crowd was pretty warmed up by the time she was finished strutting her feathers, and were ready for the incomparable RubberDoll and Anastasia Pierce. They are an ideal combination, mixing fetish with raw sexuality as they gave us two performances this night. The first was a medical scene, with nurse RubberDoll administering a kinky exam to her patient Anastasia, followed by a hot military interrogation scene. Also performing were Miss Maya Sintress with Kendra James with an electrifying grinder scene that sent sparks flying high into the air.

As everyone who attended FetishCon knows, the place to be at the end of the day was poolside. It was the perfect place to get more closely acquainted with old and new friends, and with some help from Anastasia Pierce’s husband Liam and promoter JSin, the party kept going until the sun came up.

I wrapped up shooting at Sunday night’s party which was sponsored by This was the most relaxed party of the weekend, as everyone caught their breath for one last fling. Reverend B Dangerous entertained the crowd with his freakshow, while riggers tied and suspended girls throughout the night. I managed to shoot some fetish video and had close to 2000 photos to go through that Lady Venus & I shot from the weekend. Thanks again to for sending us to photograph, and thanks to Vesta and Genesis Lynn for another successful FetishCon!

Here’s a short video of FetishCon from Day 2.

Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV).

Veronika Raquel’s Sybian Ride

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We’ll be heading to FetishCon in a couple of days, and will have three days of shooting video and fetish photography, all while having a lot of fun and seeing some old friends. In the meanwhile, I’ve posted a free trailer of my all-time favorite Sybian ride video with Veronika Raquel. In case you don’t know, in addition to all of the events that we photogaph and review, we also produce fetish videos, including a series called Sybian Rides 4 Cash. This was one of the very first Sybian Ride videos that we shot over two years ago, and is still one of the best! Veronika is a beautiful, sexy girl who really had a lot of fun as I teased her on the Sybian. One of my favorite games is tease and denial, which I think is pretty obvious in this video. She had a terrific time, and told me that it was the best orgasm of her life!
If you’d like to watch the video for free, use the following link to get 20 free minutes on

There’s no membership fee, and you don’t have to give a credit card to get your free minutes. If, after watching you’d like to see more, or watch over 75,000 videos, simply buy some time and you can watch quality streaming video for only 8 cents per minute!

Check back in a week or so for tons of photos and a review from FetishCon!



Japan Adult Treasure Expo 2007

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See the entire gallery here.

Covering the first adult convention ever held in Japan, the Adult Treasure Expo (ATE), was an assignment I could not turn down. So, when offered me the opportunity to explore the fetish and sex scene in Japan, I knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Japanese Sex Clubs

I flew into Osaka first, where I had the opportunity to visit three different S/M bars: Mistress Midori’s club Doma, Mistress Dahlia’s Visona Visari, and Club Piss, owned by Mistress Saki. These intimate little clubs are more for socializing than for play, and are a version of the “hostess clubs” that are popular all over Japan. The Mamasans and their attending hostesses were quite willing to pose for some photos, but unfortunately the clubs were slow and there were no performances. Most fetish clubs in Japan seem to have a “no photo” policy, so my photos are a bit limited.

The largest fetish community in Japan is a group called the Tokyo Kink Society (TKS). I met Charm, the founder of TKS, while in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I was a month early for the Japan Fetish Ball, held by TKS and billed as the ultimate fetish party in Japan, but Charm was kind enough to invite me to join him and his slave to visit club Beauty & Beast, a happening bar in downtown Tokyo.

The happening bar is similar in most ways to a swingers club, however happening bars will allow in single people while most swingers bars only allow couples. There are an estimated 50 such clubs in Tokyo. Inside club Beauty & Beast, there were a number of rooms open for couples to play, including a fairly large dungeon area that was stocked with an array of floggers, whips, rope, and bondage furniture. A rack of costumes stood against one wall, where guests were free to try on one of the many costumes available for a little cosplay. The general rule was reported to be “anything goes,” but it seemed to be a slow night with very little action.

Japanese Porn

The Japanese porn industry is a lesson in contradiction. While Japanese pornography is considered by some to be the most bizarre and in some cases disturbing porn in the world, archaic laws that date from the latter half of the 19th century during the Meiji era are still in effect, forcing adult filmmakers to censor adult content with mosaics covering male and female genitalia. From Lolicon and Junior idol and the obsession with young girls, to Chikan (groping women on trains), diaper play, beastly love, rape scenes, and an infinite range of niche-specific fetishes, the Japanese taste for unusual porn seems to be insatiable. The Japanese are also known for their exquisitely animated cartoons (Hentai) that can portray anything from tentacle sex to bondage to incest.

The strict censorship laws are designed to protect the public from material considered to be “injurious to public morals.” Adult production companies are required to place mosaic filters over any trace of human genitalia (dogs and other animals are remarkably excluded from this requirement). This is a painstakingly tedious process which I witnesses in person being applied frame by frame by a very patient editor. As long as the male and female genitalia are covered, Japanese productions fall within the confines of the law. Interestingly, the anus is excluded from this provision because it is part of the digestive tract and not considered to be a sexual organ. Until 1991, the entire pubic region, including pubic hair, was deemed obscene and unpublishable; however, now pubes are acceptable.

For a very thorough article on the history and laws regarding Japanese porn, refer to the Wikipedia article here.

The Adult Treasure Expo (ATE)

From the S/M bars, happening bars, and the adult stores in the Akihabara district in Tokyo, we move to the Adult Treasure Expo where I was on assignment for My purpose at the expo was to meet with (and open the door to establish relationships with) some of the largest adult studios in Japan, including Soft on Demand, Wanz, and Warp entertainment to name a few. My partner Lady Venus arrived in Tokyo the evening before the expo and photographed the convention while my friend and translator Rik and I met with various studios.

We’ve been to a lot of adult conventions in the past three years, but we were unsure what to expect at the ATE in Tokyo. With over 110,000 tickets having been pre-sold, we had expected the convention hall to be filled, and we were right. Unlike many of the other conventions we have attended, the ATE was billed as an adult convention rather than a porn convention. What’s the difference? There was more than just porn and sex toys at this venue. Some booths focused on AIDS awareness, condom education, female genital mutilation, medical care, and contraception.

Most of the expo consisted of Japanese businesses; however, some friends from the US also put in an appearance, as they were also eager to learn about the Japanese sex industry. Adult film star Tera Patrick and her husband Evan Seinfeld sat at the booth next to us, and adult distributors and producers such as Caballero and Passion Pictures were close by.

Japanese sex toys also occupied a large portion of the event. Japan has a major sex toy industry, estimated to be worth some four trillion yen (34 billion dollars) a year. While men are far more frequent buyers of sex toys in Japan, obvious by the many varieties of love dolls that ranged from plastic blow-up dolls to realistic rubber girlfriends that were scattered throughout the show floor. Japanese women weren’t left out either, as there were plenty of colorful vibrators to choose from of all shapes and sizes. One of the more interesting toys was the Virtual Hole Takumi. This toy is shaped like a bowling pin and is attached to a PC by a USB cable. The man then inserts his member into the bowling pin and starts running the supplied adult video, featuring a naked young woman writhing and groaning, on the computer. It’s here that Virtual Hole Takumi starts to get really good. The toy adjusts its movements depending on the actions of the woman on the screen, or remotely by a real-time user. It’s possible to recreate slightly different actions, such as when a woman uses her mouth or hand on the male end of a phallic shaped wand, the pleasure given to the user is an accurate simulation of the real thing.

On the last day of the show, Lady Venus had a chance to do a little exploring in the Harajuku district and get some shots of the some of the street performers. Shots from the street are also in the gallery. Considering it was the first year, the convention went smoothly. Even Boys II Men made an appearance, performing for an AIDS benefit on the main stage on the last day of the expo. As the Japanese adult industry seeks to expand beyond its borders, we anticipate that the Adult Treasure Expo 2007 will continue to grow.
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