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Posted in Uncategorized on September 28th, 2007 by ErosArtist, Tony Mitchell’s groundbreaking internet Fetish Magazine, has just posted an editorial about Rebecca along with about 60 of my photos of her!

In other news, we’re getting ready to head to London in a few days for the Skin Two Rubber Ball next weekend. Check back soon for all of the photos from the entire weekend, including both Expos and the Torture Garden party.

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007 Review

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Last weekend was the third Montreal Fetish Weekend, and the second that I attended. Once again, was a sponsor of the event and sent me to photograph and review it.

Friday evening opened with a private showing of Project Latex Land, a collaboration between photographer Martin Perreault and Gil Perron that involved over 50 latex clad models featured in every day environments. The exhibition marked the first time the photographs from this six month collaboration were unveiled to the public. Following the vernissage, I arrived early and had a chance to photograph the dress rehearsal for the latex fashion show by The Baroness. The theme of Friday night’s party was “Maid in Heaven”, and I counted at least a dozen latex maids who embraced the theme of the evening. This party was held, once again, in club Cleopatra… an intimate little club that was packed to capacity. This was the most laid-back night of the weekend, but there was still a little bit of play that took place in some of corners of the room. On the small stage, Goddess Arsine and TS Tara Emory gave us a naughty little maid performance complete with some strap-on play and a rather unorthodox use of a feather duster.

After the warm-up, the main performance of the night took place. The Baroness, New York’s premier designer of elegant and provocative latex fashion, prepared a whimsical interpretation of the Pink Panther. To the familiar theme by Henry Mancini, a latex covered pink kitty slinked across the stage, pilfering one-by-one the shiny baubles worn by each equally pink diva whose path she crossed. Models for this show included the always stunning Jean Bardot, lovely Dante Posh, Maya Sinstress, and Lady Lethe from Florida to name a few familiar faces. Once she managed to lighten the fingers, wrists, ears and necks of their precious jewels, this obedient little kitty turned over her treasure to Dominant Diva, The Baroness herself. The night ended relatively early, and I made the wise decision of getting a decent night’s sleep before the real partying began.

Saturday night was the main event, the Latextacy Ball. Hosted by Candian fetish model Bianca Beauchamp, the annual grand costumed ball was the showcase for the latest latex and fetish fashion by designers Polymorphe, Steelwerks, The Baroness, CeresMoon, Creations SIS, Eric X, and Dahlia who made the trip all the way from Japan! Before the evening began, I was offered a ride by The Baroness in Her limo to the red carpet entry for all of the glamorous fetish models. We gathered at the Polymorph’s Blah-Blah studio where last minute touches to hair and makeup were taking place. I was able to snap a few exclusive photos before hopping in the limo to the venue. Unfortunately, our car was the last in the line, so I missed the entire red carpet arrivals… oh well, there were plenty of opportunities to photograph once inside the club!

The party was already in high gear when I arrived, and I’m told that over 1,100 people were in attendance! As soon as all of the latex and fetish models were in the house, the stage filled with a promenade of sexy, shiny people showing off the newest designs. In the center of the room, a small stage was erected where RubberDoll and Jean Bardot lubed each other with a generous amount of lube. Wearing red and black latex megaboob latex catsuits, they slipped and slid over each other before bringing Steffy the Rubber Doll on stage to be their lucky slave.

Between impromptu performances, I wondered around the large, single-room space and photographed some of the attendees. I met Ancilla Tilia, the stunning blonde fetish model from Amsterdam, and got a few shots of her and Jess the Pony girl. Ancilla was recently featured in Marquis magazine, and I found that it was impossible to take a bad photograph of her! Throughout the venue small stages were raised above the crowd, making it easy to see everything that was going on.

On one small stage, Perish and two gask-mask covered beauties performed a neon colored black-light show. Using grinders that sent sparks six feet high, they gave an energetic SM show that culminated with a milky white ejaculate from Perish’s strap-on phallus. Later that night, Goddess Arsine and Tara had strapped down local Montreal character, “the Richard”, and proceeded to subject him to some extremely intense electrical play with the violet wand. The Richard had pierced nipples, and a metal zipper on his pants that went all the way around to the back of his ass. Arsine made sure to make use of these vulnerable spots by repeatedly returning to them as the violet wand sent bolts of purple electricity into his flesh. He writhed and screamed, obviously enjoying himself, and the crowd broke into spontaneous applause once the scene was over. The night ended around 3 am, and was followed by an after party. I hit the after party for a few minutes, but it was very crowded so I opted for another relatively early night in bed.

Sunday night was the play party, entitled La Nuit Des Masques. Taking place in the same venue as the Latextacy party, the room was transformed into a huge dungeon space. Small raised stages were set all around the room, with various types of BDSM furniture available for those who enjoyed a little public play. Flogging seemed to be one of the favorite activities, but there was no lack of bondage, suspension, wax play, mummification, strap-on play, and lots and lots of spankings!

One of the favorite performances of the evening was an exquisite Japanese Shibari suspension by Mistress Dahlia and Her slave Juri. I first met Dahlia at Nuit Demonia last December in Paris, and was stunned by how beautiful her performance was. I met her again in Kyoto a month ago while I was in Japan for the Adult Treasure Expo. Her performance was energetic and breathtaking, and was very well received by the Western fetish audience.

All in all, this year’s Fetish Weekend was a great time. As this annual Canadian fetish event continues to grow and draw more international attention, I can’t help but think that those in the Montreal scene are striving hard to take over the fetish world! With sponsors such as FetishMovies, Clips4Sale, Polymorphe, and Marquis behind them, I think we’ll see an even bigger event next year!

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007 Day 3 – Nuit de Masques

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Here are the photos from the last night of Montreal Fetish Weekend. I’m wrapping up the review now!

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Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007 Day 2 – Latextacy

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See the entire gallery here.

I’ve just finished editing the photo gallery from day two of the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007! Latextacy was the Saturday night party, and over 1100 people attended this fetish fashion ball. I have Sunday night pictures to finish, which should be up by tomorrow, followed by the review of the weekend.
Please share this link with anyone who attended or would like to see how well the Canadians know how to party!

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007 Day 1 – Maid in Heaven

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See the entire gallery here.

Photos from last night’s Montreal Fetish Weekend “Maid in Heaven” party are now live! It was a terrific kick off to this three day weekend of extreme partying in Montreal. This gallery includes photos from the opening reception of the LATEXLAND photo exhibitT by Martin Perreault and Gil Perron and dress rehearsal for the Baroness latex fashion show.
Tonight is the main event – Latextacy.