Fantasy Fest 2007 – Captain Morgan Parade

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)
See the entire parade gallery here

Photos from the 2007 Fantasy Fest Captain Morgan parade are now live. This year, both Lady Venus and I shot the main event of Fantasy Fest, Saturday night’s Captain Morgan parade. While I was at street level just in front of La Concha hotel, Lady Venus was perched out the window on the second floor of the best known drag club in Key West, the 801 Bourbon Bar located in the 800 block towards the end of the parade route. She was able to get some great crowd shots with her bird’s eye view, while I was literally in the gutter along Duval street. Fortunately the rain held off during the parade, and the enormous crowd was in full party mode.

I’ll be wrapping up a review in the next day or so before heading to Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean.

ErosArts article on

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31st, 2007 by ErosArtist has just published an article about! Eros-Zine is a terrific resource for erotica news, articles, sex events and more from around the world. They have been very supportive of our work and the fetish community, posting many of our articles and photo galleries during the past year. I’m honored to have been featured this month! Check out the article here!

Fantasy Fest 2007 in Key West – the largest photo gallery!

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)
See the entire gallery here

I’ve just finished editing a huge gallery with nearly 500 photos from Fantasy Fest 2007 in Key West Florida. For four days we photographed and documented one of the largest kink-friendly gatherings in the US. Over 70,000 people attend this annual Mardi Gras-like festival each year, baring painted breasts, wearing sexy costumes, flashing tits for beads, and partying until the early morning hours.

This year, it rained every day while I was there, which hampered, but did not quench all of the kinky fun. Photos in this gallery include the pet contest (who can resist a dog dressed up like a pirate?), a sponsored wet t-shirt contest at Cowboy Bill’s bar on Duval street, and four days and nights leading up to the Captain Morgan parade on Saturday night. There are hundreds of shots of some pretty amazing body painting, and lots of costumes following the “Alice in Wonderland” theme of this year’s event. Look for the parade gallery in the next day or two.

This year we both photographed Fantasy Fest, with Lady Venus (LV) hanging out with the drag queens in the 800 block while I stayed down at the lower end of Duval where the crowd gathered around Ricks and Sloppy Joe’s bar.

Bookmark and check back soon for the parade photos. Next week I’m heading to Jamaica for Kink in the Caribbean.

More photos from Fantasy Fest can be found on the following sites:

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Venus Berlin adult convention review

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus
See the entire gallery here

Mid October brings to mind several things like the changing colors of the leaves, the crisp fall air, Chrismas decorations in the stores two months early; however, what it reminds us of is that it’s time to get on a plane to Berlin for the Venus show. On the plane as we’re writing this, we feel that we’re beginning to recover from our exhausting trip and much to our surprise, we realize that there might be such a thing as too many breasts. All right, not really, but there were a hell of a lot of them as far as the eye could see. No, the Venus show is not only about breasts, but it sure makes it easier to take with only a few hours sleep per night and lots of German beer in your system!

The Venus show is the largest adult-themed convention in the world, dwarfing even the AVN-AEE show in Las Vegas. Once again, was a major sponsor of the event, and took us along to document the four-day extravaganza. Held in Fairground under the radio tower, there were room after room of the latest and most unusual sex toys, new and vintage porn releases, US and European porn stars, exotic dancers who performed for the massive crowd, jewelry, clothing, shoes, and lots and lots of good German beer! Additionally, one entire room was dedicated as a business to business area where only traders and exhibitors were permitted to enter to strike up new deals.

Unlike any adult convention that we’ve ever attended, the Venus events show no modesty when it comes to nudity and sexuality… according to US attorney J.D. Obenberger, there is not even a German word that easily translates to the English word “shame.” For many of the thousands of fans, the highlight of the Venus show was having the ability to essentially create their own pornography. Many vendors employed scantily-clad girls to entice the crowd to their booths by performing sexually explicit striptease shows, girl-girl shows, and solo masturbation that sometimes included full penetration with a dildo or vibrator. While photographing the performances, we often found ourselves surrounded by packs of sexually aroused, frenzied men six-rows deep that were frantically jostling for position, camera or cell phone in hand, to capture a shot for their own personal archives. It did not matter to many that most of what they shot was the backs of the heads of the men in front of them.

Some of the major European and American studios were present, such as Marc Dorcel and Paradise Films GmbH. Of the porn stars present, we were happy to see two of our former Sybian Rides 4 Cash girls, (watch their Sybian rides for free with this link!) Puma Swede and Ava Devine, as well as Tera Patrick, Daisy Rock, Jessica Drake, Katsumi, Shay Jordan, Tyra Missoux, Jesse Jane, Summer Haze, and Keana Moiré. By the way, for those who haven’t seen Jesse Jane since her Dr. 90210 appearance, I’m happy to report that her new boobs, while not real, are spectacular! European DILF (Daddy I’d like to fuck) sensation, J.P. Love was happily escorted by at least two hot girls at all times. Incidentally, we’d like to mention that it took little coaxing to convince Puma Swede to strip down to her panties and have a go at the mechanical bull. She pulled a spectator from the crowd to straddle the bull behind her. After being bucked off, the nearly-nude Swedish Amazon triumphantly tackled and wrestled the lucky guy to the ground.

Though many were not for sale at the show, there were lots of new sex toys making their debut to the EU market. Coming all the way from Japan, a new masturbation device for men that resembled a Kitchenaid crossed with a woman’s hand was being demonstrated. There were hundreds of colorful dildos and vibrators of various shapes and sizes, and some less obvious sex toys such as the vibrating rubber duckies. A simulated computer world was also being demonstrated, similar to Second-Life or the Sims, where the characters could perform a variety of sexual and BDSM acts with other players.

There was not a large fetish presence, but scattered throughout the venue were a few manufacturers of leather whips, hoods, and other fetish wear. We even spied a latex vacuum bed at one of the very few latex-themed booths. Among the fetish performers, we were happy to see Domina Irene Boss and bondage model Jewell Marceau who were marketing their fetish videos in the Business to Business section.

We’ve just wrapped up photographing at the 2007 Fantasy Fest in Key West, and are heading home. I’ll be spending the next couple of days editing all of the photos from four days of shooting, so look for a very large photo gallery from Fantasy Fest later this week!

Venus Berlin show – the largest adult trade show in the world

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

I’m currently in Key West for Fantasy Fest, and just finished editing all of the photos from the Venus Berlin show, which took place last week. Between the events, I only had a couple of days to edit all of the photos from our four day trip to Berlin for the Venus show before heading down to Key West for the 2007 Fantasy Fest. The Berlin show had a totally different vibe from the relaxed atmosphere of Fantasy Fest, so my head is still reeling a bit from the stark contrast. The photos from Berlin-Venus 2007 can be found here. The review is nearly complete, so look for an update in the next few days as I have the time to wrap everything up from the German adult convention. This was a tough gallery to edit, as many of the photos were far too graphic to put up, but I think between Lady Venus (LV)& I, we captured a pretty good range of what the largest adult convention in the world is all about… basically, sex.

This gallery is quite different from most of the fetish galleries on the site, but you’ll find a bit of latex, some foot fetish shots, smoking fetish images, high heels, boots, and certainly no shortage of breasts. I hope you enjoy our gallery from the 2007 Berlin Venus show, and we’d like to thank for sponsoring our trip to cover this important adult convention.

We will have hundreds of photos from Fantasy Fest up next week, so bookmark and check back again!

2007 Skin Two Rubber Ball photo gallery

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Photos by Michael Diamond
Photos from Skin Two Rubber Ball 2007 are now live! See the entire gallery here.

Thanks to for sponsoring our trip to London to photograph the 2007 Skin Two Rubber Ball weekend, themed “The World of Fetish.” This was the second Rubber Ball weekend that we’ve had the opportunity to attend. Of all of the fetish events around the world, the Rubber Ball is probably the most familiar and is regarded as one of the best.

The weekend is a blend of shopping, partying, performance art, and perversions, as well as a showcase to some of the most innovative and beautiful latex fashions on the planet. I love coming to London, and if it weren’t for the horrific exchange rate I’d make the trip more often. The three-day event included Friday night’s Torture Garden party held at Mass, and the Rubber Ball which was held once again multi-room club SeOne. In addition to the two major parties, there were two separate expos during the day, which didn’t leave a lot of time for such frivolities as sleep. Lady Venus covered both expos on the October 9th entry on so I’ll stick with my observations of the two parties.

The first party of the weekend was held by Torture Garden at Mass Club, set in the converted St. Matthews Church in Brixton. The venue was a beautiful early 19th century church that was converted into a nightclub. The party took place on two floors, each with its own flavor of Torture Garden’s taste of music. There was a cage in one room, a stage in the other, and a nicely equipped dungeon that was unfortunately off limits to photographers. An area outside of the church was roped off for the smokers to congregate because a smoking ban had been introduced in London earlier this year. The outside area was pretty full, but I was able to snap some photos of a few ladies smoking for my smoking fetish friends!

After shooting outside for a little while, I made my way back inside to the party. Contained in a menacing cage, a shibari performance was taking place where a Japanese Mistress bound her submissive using neon-colored rope that immobilized her victim like a fly in a spider web. I shot a few photos of the scene before heading to the main stage where the Torture Garden fashion show was about to begin. The show was a sensual dance with the gorgeous TG models including Viktoria (who always reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor in rubber), wearing some new designs and a few that I photographed before.

The performance I was really waiting for was by Midori and Kumi Monster. They have been working on a large performance piece entitled ‘Elements of Suffering,’ and they planned to work on another installment of it whilst in the cage. I’ve missed their shibari performances for the past two events, and I didn’t want to lose the chance to catch this part. I love photographing Kumi and Midori, they are true artists and have a great chemistry together.

The Torture Garden party went on until 6 am, but I ended the night a little early, as we planned on hitting the Skin Two Expo Saturday afternoon before the Rubber Ball.

Skin Two Rubber Ball 2007

The Rubber Ball was held once again at SeOne in London. Situated in the railway arches under London Bridge station, SeOne began its clubbing life when illegal parties and raves took place under the arches, and has since evolved into the largest licensed nightclub in London. It’s a spectacular venue for a fetish party, with many different rooms joined by arches and tunnels. The theme of the party was ‘World of Fetish’, and each room was decorated for its particular part of the world.

Early in the evening, Shadow and her assistant tied up a willing male victim in a cage in the Oriental room. I caught her performance and took a few shots while working my way towards the dungeon. I noticed few people playing, and those that were, were reluctant to have their photos taken. In the American room, there was a disturbingly graphic performance taking place on the main stage. Situated by the stage, I watched Mistress Olivia’s performance. Her show demonstrated her erotic skills in American Tribal Belly dance in a fusion of medical gore, strap-on play, and cannibalistic carnage. This was definitely not a performance that would appeal to everyone.

I wove my way through the maze of rooms, snapping pictures of the partiers, performers and players, before finding myself in a prime location for FAQs performance, featuring the ubiquitous RubberDoll. This was the first time I saw her perform with FAQ, the Swiss band she has recently been working with in a show that combines live music with fetish performance. RubberDoll’s energy always excites her audience, as does her no-holds-barred performance that could possibly make even the most jaded pervert blush (take my word). Her show was great as usual, however I got caught in a shower of thick white splooge from her big red squirting cock. Fortunately, my lens was spared, but I looked like a drive-by bukkake victim.

After cleaning up, I moved through the even larger crowd to make my way outside for a little air… snapping pictures along the way. Just as the night before, there was a small area fenced in for smoking. The area was very narrow, essentially a strip of sidewalk with a black covered fence, that was packed with smokers who agreed to pay a quid for the privilege of smoking. I took a few shots and squeezed my way back inside to wrap up the night. By 5 am, jet-lag, lack of sleep, and a lot of walking had gotten the best of me, so we called it a night and walked around the corner where our hotel was conveniently located.

As always, I never feel like I took enough photos. I am sure that I missed much more than I was able to capture. Besides my gallery, you can find other pictures here:

London Fetish Scene… listed under the ‘LFS Latest Galleries’

Digital Xtreem

Marcus T’s photos

Email me if you know of other places where photos from Rubber Ball can be found!

Thanks again to who not only sponsored our trip, but also sponsored the Rubber Ball, the SkinTwo Expo, and the Xpo at the Barbican!

If you see your photo, please feel free to take the image… just leave my watermark intact :)

I love feedback, so feel free to leave me a comment! At the bottom of each photo there is a place to leave a comment if you wish. If you would like to exchange links, please email me your info and use the following banner and link to:

Rubber Ball Weekend – Torture Garden Photos

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Photos by Michael Diamond

I’ve just finished editing photos from Friday night’s Torture Garden party during the Skin Two Rubber Ball weekend! I’ve missed the last two shibari performances by Midori and Kumi, so I was very happy to have caught the show at the end of the night. Some of my favorite pictures from the evening are in this set! See the entire gallery here.

If I’ve photographed you, feel free to take your image from the gallery… just leave my watermark intact :) . Please leave a comment! My galleries are totally free, help me keep this project alive by linking to to share the galleries!

I’ll be posting a review soon, as I’m working on the Rubber Ball photos from Saturday night right now. Look for photos from Rubber Ball 2007 in the next day or so.

2007 Rubber Ball Weekend Fetish Expo and Xpo at the Barbicon Photos are Live!

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After a long day of editing, the first photos from the Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend are now live! This year I was able to photograph the Torture Garden party on Friday night as well as the Rubber Ball on Saturday night. Additionally, there were also two separate expos to attend, the official Skin Two expo and the Xpo, sponsored by Lady Venus took the camera on Friday to photograph the Xpo at the Barbicon, and I was able to photograph the SkinTwo Expo Saturday afternoon before the Rubber Ball.

I’ve been working on editing all of the photos since arriving back in the USA, and will be posting galleries during the next few days. I will likely have Torture Garden photos up tomorrow, and the Rubber Ball on Thursday or Friday. While I’m busy plowing through over 1500 pictures, Lady Venus wrapped up a review of both expos. Following is her review:

This year was the second year that we packed up our latex and flew to London for some kinky, lubed-up fun. We got very lucky and the entire weekend greeted us with nearly perfect weather! Within an hour of getting to our hotel on Friday morning, we hailed a taxi and made our way to the Barbican Xpo. There was clearly lots of latex fashion to be had; however, we chose not to partake in purchasing anything. That damned US dollar exchange rate against the strong British pound left us annoyed and feeling poor. If the exchange rate ever evens out, I can assure you that a gorgeous new frock from Overt Clothing ( will become part of my (Lady Venus’) latex wardrobe. Young designer Heather Meikle just completed schooling and her final project revolved around latex. Her designs are fresh and original, incorporating delicate patterns, stripes, and even sparkly rhinestones in her 1950s retro-inspired designs. Of course these designs were featured in the fetish fashion show sponsored by Other fashions highlighted included Breathless, The Ultimate Leather, Engineers of Desire, Libidex, Pretty Pervy, Ectomorph, Jed Phoenix, Slightly Scarlet, Lacing Lilith, Libby Rose, and Rubber 55. Some well-known names in the fetish world like Dante Posh and Mia Sinstress, Kendra James, Miss Mya,and Perish to name a few, donned the gorgeous creations and slinked down the catwalk. In addition to the ubiquitous latex creations, hats abounded. There were several booths featuring tiny, lovely hats with lots of feathers, netting, and bright colors. It seems that the retro glamour girl look from the 1940s and ‘50s and extreme rubber creations are all the rage.

The next day we hopped another taxi to ExCeL London for the Skin Two Expo. Unfortunately, jet lag got the better of us, and we managed to catch only the last few hours of the Expo. Between ending the night at Torture Garden at 4am and preparing for the Rubber Ball Saturday night, there just didn’t seem to be enough time to fully enjoy both expos. We actually caught the last two hours of the last day of the expo just when things were winding down, so there aren’t as many photos as Michael would have liked.

Walking through the Expo we spied Midori browsing and stopping by a booth to chat. Kendra James made an appearance as well. In the back corner was a roped off area where attendees could test out their singletail skills. A few folks offered pointers to some brave souls who tried their hand at cracking a whip. Cracking the whip is not easy after just several brief minutes of instruction, but while walking around the many booths, periodic (and loud!) cracks of the whips could be heard. It sounded like at least a couple of people were getting the hang of it! Fortuitously, we were able to see a short fashion show that featured Strictly Sensuous Cloaks & Capes and Good Time Girls. One of the seemingly more popular items for sale was shoes and boots. Foot fetishists were likely in bliss watching an endless stream of ladies try on sexy stilettos, towering boots, and toe-baring strappy sandals.

Thanks once again to for sponsoring our trip to London for the Skin Two Rubber Ball weekend. This year, sponsored the Rubber Ball, as well as the Rubber Ball Expo and the Xpo at the Barbicon. Without the generosity of companies like, many of the great fetish events we’ve had the opportunity to photograph would not have been possible! Take a moment and visit and try the site out for free for 20 minutes by clicking this link. There are over 80,000 fetish videos including videos by Skin Two, Marquis Media, Gwen Media and more!

Check back tomorrow for photos from the Torture Garden party!