Mistress V and Mimi – Gas Masks – Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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My last shoot, on the last night of Kink in the Caribbean was Mistress V from Montreal and her girl Mimi. Beneath a pier in total darkness, Mistress V and Mimi followed me into the water to crawl among the rocks while wearing their rubber gas masks. Here’s the ninth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

MySpace – fucking neo fascist right wing conservatives

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Today my MySpace account was deleted. I can only assume it was because of photos of obviously consensual bondage photos that displayed too much enjoyment of sensual pleasure.

I’ve opened a new MySpace (reluctantly) as it seems to be the best way to keep in touch with other kinky friends, making it a necessary evil. If you want to re-friend me, go here and I’ll be happy to add you. I won’t be putting the same energy into the page that I did before, it’s just far too much work to put into the hands of the fucking neo fascist right wing conservatives who shut my page down.

Rope supension on the beach by Lew Rubens – Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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One evening, Rebecca grabbed me and asked me to photograph her and her boyfriend being suspended by Lew Rubens in a double suspension. Lew had a bamboo poles set up on the beach, and was all prepared to suspend them in a 69 position. I believe that this was the first male/female double suspension he’s done. It was totally dark, with only the light from my flash. This was a really great scene to photograph, as Rebecca and her man were so obviously oblivious to anybody around them, and were having so much fun! Here’s the eighth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Lew Rubens Bondage Class at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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Throughout the week during Kink in the Caribbean, classes were given each day by a variety of artists and educators, including Lew Rubens. I attended most of his classes, where he taught his unique shibari technique from beginning bondage to suspensions. This gallery is a collection of photos from Lew’s “Bondage for Sex” class, using the beautiful Sabrina Fox as his model. Her gorgeous red hair against the blue background of the improvised class room created some really striking images! Here’s the seventh photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Mistress Absolute at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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In this sixth photo gallery from Kink in the Caribbean 2007 I photographed the stunning Mistress Absolute from London. Wearing Her black latex catsuit and latex hood, I spent a couple hours with Her and Her latex-mermaid slave Mr. Roark. I finally had a chance to use the underwater housing for my small Canon, so there are a few underwater shots as well. Here’s the sixth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Diabolique Ball 2007 in Philadelphia

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Photos by Lady Venus (LV)
See the entire gallery here

This was the first Diabolique Ball that I’ve missed in four years, but thankfully Lady Venus was there to photograph and cover this yearly Philadelphia charity ball. From the Diabolique Ball website – “The Diabolique Foundation is a Pennsylvania-registered non-profit charitable organization. The Diabolique Foundation’s board consists of a dedicated team of hard working, sleep deprived, caffine fueled volunteers. Kali Morgan, Domina Barbie, and Psydde Delicious, in their infinite confusion, have donated hundreds of hours of work in creating the naughtiest event for a good cause ever to happen in Philadelphia… The Diabolique Ball 2007!”

Rebecca beneath the waterfall at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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It was nearly the end of the week before I was able to grab Rebecca and drag her off for a quick little shoot under the waterfall at Hedonism 3. Above the fall was a hot tub with a glass bottom, which filled the alcove with a soft blue light. Rebecca got totally drenched during the shoot, so we had to wrap things up pretty quickly. The strange thing about Kink in the Caribbean was how time did not seem to exist. I photographed Rebecca a few times during the week, but this was the only chance we had to do a little one-on-one. We did manage to come out with a few good shots I think. Here’s the fifth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Lew Rubens Water Bondage – Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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One of my favorite subjects to shoot during Kink in the Caribbean was the bondage art of Lew Rubens. I love shibari, and it was such a treat to have Lew at Kink. He gave a number of demonstrations throughout the week, and I was lucky to catch most of them. During his classes, he tought everything from basic bondage to suspensions. During the day, it was not uncommon to find Lew suspending some bondage-slut (and I mean that in a good way) up somewhere. In this gallery, Lew tied the beautiful Sabrina Fox and Mimi from Canada, to a fountain in the middle of the main pool. Assisted by Mistress V, Lew bound them with the fountain placed in the most strategic postion. My camera got a little damp from this one! Here’s the fourth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Veronica in a black latex catsuit – Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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I’ve photographed Mistress Veronica at numerous fetish events during the past year, and have wanted to work with her since first meeting her. Veronica has beautiful blue eyes and jet black hair framing her innocent looking face. Although I’ve yet to see her play, she describes herself as a true sadist and dominant. I was lucky to escape unharmed, as Jamaican time had a habit of making me late each time we were planning to shoot… and everybody knows that you don’t keep a Mistress waiting! Fortunately, she forgave my tardiness and I was able to spend a little time photographing her in a few locations around the resort. In this set, she’s wearing a black latex catsuit on a sunny afternoon in Hedonism. Here’s the third photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Rebecca and Mai – black and white latex at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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Late one afternoon, I was invited to photograph a scene that was being videotaped starring Rebecca of Rebecca’s Rubber Room, wearing her white latex catsuit, and Mai the dark Mistress from Canada, wearing a black catsuit and latex hood. Using the giant chess board as their battle field, these two latex Queens battled to the death (or at least enjoyed sliding around on each other’s slippery bodies). The sun was just beginning to set as we were wrapping up the shoot. Here’s the second photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Dante Posh Mummification at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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After an hour and a half ride from the airport in Montego Bay to Hedonism III for my first Kink in the Caribbean, I was greeted by my friend Dante Posh who already had plans for some kinky play with her soon-to-be sidekick Mr. Roark. Mr. Roark and Dante were a perfect pair – he being a sensory deprivation slut, and Dante being an expert in creative mummification. Fully encased in latex, Dante led her slave to the nearest palm tree and proceeded to bind him using layers of green plastic wrap to encase him and attach him to the tree. To make things more interesting, it was raining during the entire scene. It was amusing to watch the expressions of the other guests at Hedonism who were not part of Kink. Here’s the first gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

No e-mail for Michael, but he’s in Marquis!

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Hello, everyone. It’s Lady Venus here in the cold Philadelphia suburbs. Michael is in beautiful, sunny, warm Jamaica right now at Kink in the Caribbean. If you are trying to get in contact with him, you’ll need to be a little patient. He has no access to any of his e-mail accounts. He’ll be home in just a few days. You could try to send him a text message on his cell phone because I know that he gets those.

In the meantime, please be sure to check out issue 42 of Marquis magazine. (Yes, the actual printed magazine.) Look on page 112 and you’ll see some of Michael’s photos and his story from the LA Kink Ball earlier this year. Woo hoo! We are pretty excited about this. If I had any idea how to make his scanner work with my computer, I would post the page, but since I am a technological spaz, you’ll have to go buy the magazine for yourself.

In the vein of my technological spazness, please excuse the dull, no-photo formatted blog update. Michael will soon be home with lots of deviant, latexy goodness in photo form for you to admire.

Also, for those who are looking for some fetish fun this November in the Philadelphia area, don’t miss the Diabolique Ball. I’ll be there photographing all the scantily-clad perverts cavorting to the theme Viva Diabolique! If you see me, please stop and say hello or offer to give me a decent foot massage. It takes place on 17 November and the proceeds will benefit Philadelphia Fight and the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center. Come out and be bad for a good cause.

With a firm hand,
Lady Venus