Lew Rubens Water Bondage at Kink in the Caribbean 8

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated… the flu got me after Amsterdam, so I’ve been hibernating for the past week or so. Still feel like crap, and have to edit the photos from Clinic… look for them after xmas. In the meanwhile, this is another gallery from Kink in the Caribbean 8 of Lew Ruben’s water bondage! Sabrina Fox was suspended with her arms and legs having full mobility, allowing her to flip around as she struggled to free herself. Lew is so devious, he tied her so that her head just ducked under the water a bit as she flipped head over heels :) . Here’s the twelth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Tatiana Werneke at Kink in the Caribbean 8

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We’re heading to Amsterdam for Clinic Weekend! I love Amsterdam, and can easily see myself living out my days along the canals in a hazy bliss. This will be my second Clinic weekend this year (there are four per year) and I’m looking forward to seeing Absolute Danny, Rebecca, RubberDoll, Dante Posh, Shadow (who has promised to suspend me this time), and all of the kinky Dutch players.

In the meanwhile, here is another Kink in the Caribbean 8 photo gallery. This small gallery is from a fashion show by Tatiana Werneke. These very original fetish clothing designs were presented by Hilary’s Parties. Here’s the eleventh photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!

Nuit Demonia 2007 in Paris France

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Photos by Michael Diamond
See the entire gallery here

For my second Nuit Demonia, I was really looking forward to a trip to Paris for what I remember as being one of the best fetish events I attended in 2006. This year, I was sad to learn that the party was going to be organized a bit different than it was last year, which had a very nice dungeon space on the lower level of La Loco club (right next to the Moulin Rouge). The dungeon was great, because it was in a sunken area with platforms for viewing all the way around. While a little cramped, there was plenty of space to play and to photograph.

This year, however, the sunken area was used for dining and the dungeon was moved to the stage, opening only after the performance period of the night. After 2am, the curtain was drawn, and only couples could enter. Outside of the main dungeon, there was a small section where three suspensions could take place at a time, but it was very tiny, and difficult to photograph because of such close proximity.

The performances began at midnight. It was quite obvious how much the French love their fashion shows, as somewhere around 20 or more small performances took place on the main stage…lasting about 2 hours!

There’s not much more to say, as for me the party was basically 2 hours of fashion shows, and a couple of hours shooting some interesting shibari. I’m sorry there’s not much more to report, but I found that most people did not want their photos taken this year, and I was pretty much limited to the performance period and the very small shibari area. So, here’s my photo gallery from Nuit Demonia 2007.


Kink in the Caribbean 2007 on LatexNews.com

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I’m currently in Paris to photograph Nuit Demonia. While I’m away, you can find more Kink in the Caribbean 8 photos on Alexander Horn’s fantastic latex site LatexNews.com.

Check back later next week for photos of Nuit Demonia 8!

Lew Rubens cage suspension at Kink in the Caribbean 2007

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At last, I finally got my back up disks from Kink in the Caribbean 2007! The photos in this gallery are from the Sunday night party where Lew Rubens suspended Sabrina Fox in a cage. She’s wearing a black latex catsuit, and is suspended using red rope. The room was a little dark, so only the available light was from my flash. In such tight quarters it was difficult to get the shots I wanted, but I think the gallery is pretty good. There are plenty more Kink pictures coming soon, so keep checking back. Tomorrow I’m heading to London and then to Paris to photograph Nuit Demonia. Here’s the tenth photo gallery from 2007 Kink in the Caribbean!