Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2008 – Fetish Evolution Party

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Easter, named for the goddess Eostre (the Saxon pagan goddess of fertility) could not have been a more appropriate date for what had been described to me as one of last year’s best fetish parties in the world. The Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend, held in Essen, Germany, was four days of fetish celebration with some of the kinkiest and best (latex and leather) dressed people from around the world. The guest list included top names in the Fetish industry, models, photographers, clothing designers like HW-Design and DeMask, publications such as Marquis and Massad, and hundreds of international lifestyle fetishists.

Imagine four full days of living a fetish lifestyle and surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people. This was easy to do in Essen, as it seemed as though nearly everybody stayed at the host hotel, the Hotel Bredeney. It was common to see latex-wearing people roaming the halls or having a bite in the restaurant 24 hours a day. Making the hotel even more ideal was the decision to host the two-day fetish and art exhibition on the same premises. What better way to start the morning than a good German breakfast while wearing your latex and high heels, followed by a stroll down to the Expo to buy a new flogger, and then a visit to two separate fetish art and photography exhibitions. Then, after a morning and afternoon of shopping and people watching, the real parties began!

The first night began with a champagne meet and greet, where all of the industry insiders were invited to socialize before heading to the “Night of Decadence” play party. We decided to head to the bar rather than go to the play party, as the flight from the US and time difference proved to take its toll on us the first day. Later, however, we learned that the Friday night play party was ended abruptly by the police because of an ordinance about playing music on the religious holiday, Good Friday. Thankfully, that seemed to be the only time that the holiday weekend interfered with the fetish event.

Saturday was the first day of the Expo and Art Exhibition. It was a nice size venue for the crowd, and more intimate than some of the larger expos we’ve visited recently, including the Skin Two expo and the Expo at the Barbican. Photographers showed their work in an adjoining hall, and included work by Christophe Mourthé, Peter W. Czernich, and Christine Kessler to name a few.

The Saturday night pre-party was held in the Lokschuppen in Bottrop. No fetish party seems to be complete without some performances to entertain the crowd, and this party was no exception. Leading the night with a little bit of pony play was the beautiful equestrian Jean Bardot and her pretty little pony Anastasia Pierce, clad in red latex with a leather harness and bit. Jean led her pony onto the stage and taunted Anastasia with her big black strap-on “carrot.” She began stroking her dildo to the music, and it wasn’t long before she ejaculated all over the stage (and a little bit on the audience). I climbed one of the adjacent balconies to try to get some interesting shots but the distance and smoke-filled room did not offer me the best shooting possibilities. This weekend, however, both Lady Venus and myself were offered photo passes so She was able to get some great photos of the show which I missed.

Following the show, we took the opportunity to photograph some of the guests and models who attended the party, such as Emily Marilyn, Ruby Luster, Darenzia, Toxica, SadEast, and Marie Kalista. The second performance of the night was a half-suspension of Anastasia Pierce by Amrita. While bound in her transparent latex, Anastasia was taunted, tweaked, and even had her tongue twisted with a pair of Asian Mistress Amrita’s wooden chopsticks. The final performance of the night was a latex polishing scene with fetish model Rubberstar and her friend Alexander Buffalo, along with her rubberdoll Sissidoll in a shiny blow-up fantasy.

Sunday night was the Nuit Bizarre dinner and after party. Held in the Fabbrica Italiana, a gorgeous venue with an industrial ambiance, this party was one of the best fetish dinners I’ve been to. The atmosphere was seductive, the dinner was superb (my filet was perfectly prepared), and the shows were sexy and timed between each course to keep the evening going at a nice relaxed pace. The talented showman Paul Nathan was emcee for the night, along with beautiful fetish model and performer, Darenzia. Situated in the center of the room was a raised stage that was surrounded by tables of guests all wearing beautiful and elegant fetish clothing. The night started with a playful bath with fetish goddess Jean Bardot wearing a black latex cat suit, hood, and gloves. One well-prepared diner even offered her a yellow rubber ducky which Jean gleefully played with (along with a black rubber dildo).

Following Mistress Jean’s tub show, Anastasia Pierce followed with a different sort of bubble bath. She seductively drenched herself in a shower of pink champagne as she stripped of her latex dress to the delight of the audience. Darenzia gave us a treat as she engaged in some sexy strap-on play with her submissive Ruby Luster while wearing a ring mistress-inspired latex suit. The final performance was a beautiful double suspension of the lovely nude Emily Marilyn and Ruby Luster. After the show, there was a play party on the lower floor, but the crowd thinned out rather early and we called it a night.

After another late night, the final day’s all-day brunch was a welcome treat. We knew that the last night’s party would be even later and with a very early morning flight to consider, we wanted to eat well and take some time to relax before the ultimate party of the weekend. The party was held in one of the largest venues we’ve been to, the mudiaART which we have been told used to be a foundry. This gorgeous venue had an industrial ambiance that included a cathedral-like main area and many smaller rooms and catacombs. From a photographer’s perspective there were a lot of amazing backgrounds and interesting settings to shoot all of the sexy models and guests.

Many of the world’s premier latex designers and houses of fetishy fashion-forward attire presented their newest designs to a well-dressed crowd. The night kicked off with DeMask, offering an eclectic array of styles that all had the distinct and timeless DeMask feel. In the second slot was a new designer who we first encountered in London, Heather of Overt Clothing. Her 1950s inspired latex collection was a hit in her first major runway show. HW-Design blew the crowd away with their all-star fetish model lineup including Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, Kumi Monster, Darenzia, Bianca Beauchamp, Mistress Amrita, and Emma Lee. The collection included an array of pink, black, and translucent leopard latex fashion. To bring the first half of the fashion show to an end, the Brigitte More collection was showcased. Half the models wore black, the other half wore white, and in a change of pace this collection did not include latex. This elaborate production included hot girls in ball-cages, a sexy goddess on a swing, and lots of lace and flower details on the wardrobe.

After a short break, the second half of the fashion show began with the Fetish Universe collection. A smorgasbord of color and design, this designer seemed to have a little something for everyone. Following was Maria Sander with her retro-inspired pin-up creations in colorful latex. Next was Bondinage, with a smaller array of designs. The blue and white latex-encased models played with balloons and were chased around the stage by a balloon popper. The final fashion show was an extravagant production by Tolllkirsche. Complete with a lovely Fay Wray-esque blonde beauty leading enormous fly-like leashed creatures onto the stage one at a time. The futuristic designs featured waist cinchers and elaborate hats and head-pieces. The hats were designed by Les Incroyables.

The party lasted well into the morning hours, but alas we had a flight back early the next day so were not able to stay until the end. There are over 300 photos in the gallery which will give you a much better appreciation for the event than words could ever describe. After attending our first Fetish Evolution, I’m inclined to agree that this is one of the best fetish parties in the world, and we’re looking forward to going back to Essen next year!

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Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2008 – Nuit Bizarre Dinner and Party

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Photos from Sunday night’s Nuit Bizzare Dinner and party are now live!

I’m editing the last group of photos (and the largest) right now. Monday’s Fetish Evolution party was simply amazing! A terrific dinner where courses alternated between erotic performances by Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn and Ruby Luster, made the it a wonderful evening. We have hundreds of photos from the night, so check back in a day or so for the final gallery and review of the 4 day weekend.

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Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2008 – Saturday Night Pre-party

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Photos from Saturday night’s Pre-party are now live! The Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend pre-party was a terrific night, with performances by Jean Bardot, Anastasia pierce, Amrita, Rubberstar, Lucrezia, and Mandy Styles. Hosted by Paul Nathan and Darenzia, this was a great evening that rivaled many main events of other fetish parties we’ve been to in the last few years.

I’m working hard to get all of the photos live within the next couple of days.

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Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend 2008 – Fetish Expo

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Our first Essen Fetish Evolution Weekend began with our gracious host from picking us up at the airport and getting us to our destination in record time. After the car ride, Lady Venus remarked that she has to move to Germany so that she can do extreme pedal pumping videos without concern of a speeding ticket. We made quick time at 130 miles per hour, more than twice the legal speed limit where we live! The Hotel Bredeney will be our home for the next several days.

The first night started out fairly mellow with the Models & Makers champagne reception. The partygoers included Jean Bardot, Bianca Beauchamp, Anastasia Pierce, and Darenzia to name a few. Before long, the party migrated to the bar where everybody had a few drinks and relaxed before the start of a long weekend. Some people relaxed a little more than others, but we won’t name names! Mistress Jean Bardot was more than happy to reveal her non-pedicured feet to two eager foot-boys who soothed her aching toes with their hands and mouths.

Today was the first day of the Fetish Evolution Expo. The Expo is being held in the same hotel which hosts most of the attendees, making it very convenient for fetish-clad shoppers to further equip their fetish closets. We have a small photo gallery to whet your appetite for the long weekend coming up. Check back soon for photos from the entire Fetish Evolution Weekend, sponsored once again by our friends at

Hairy Fetish – Hirsute photos and videos

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Photos by Michael Diamond

Hirsutism (from Latin hirsutus = shaggy, hairy) is defined as “excessive and increased hair growth in women in locations where the occurrence of terminal hair normally is minimal or absent”. But as a sexual fetish, it has come to mean a hairy pussy, armpits, legs and ass. A clean shaven pussy has been in vogue for the past 15 to 20 years it seems, so it’s no surprise that a fetish for a hairy body seems to becoming more popular. There’s something primal and animalistic about a hairy pussy that only a true aficionado can appreciate. Combine that with a desire for hairy legs and armpits and you’ve got yourself a Hirsute Fetish!
Here’s a small gallery with a very natural girl that I hope you hairy pussy lovers enjoy!

To watch a great selection of hairy fetish videos, click here for 20 free minutes with my compliments on

Check back next week for photos from the Essen Fetish Evolution party in Germany!

San Francisco Fetish Ball 2008 Photos and Review

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Photos by Michael Diamond, Review by Lady Venus

Our last trip to San Francisco was a few years ago, and we were eager to return. To our delight, sponsored the 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball weekend and our trip to cover this three-day event. Thursday night was the gallery show, which featured fetish artist, Michael Hussar. We arrived late Thursday night, so Michael made the trip to catch the gallery show. According to him, the party had a great, casual vibe and offered a rare opportunity to see these awesome, original works of art up close. In addition to Michael Hussar’s paintings, prints from some of the best known fetish photographers were displayed, including Lithium Picnic’s Philip Warner. An auction was held at the end of the night to benefit Philip’s ongoing legal battle with Suicide Girls.

Friday night’s event, Club Enslaved, was more of a party atmosphere than the previous night’s gallery show. Club Whisper was the venue, and we were pleasantly surprised when we remembered the no smoking law. There were three main rooms, two of which were indoors. The third area was an outdoor dungeon where people could play and smoke. Almost immediately, an eager female succumbed to the wiles of a rope wielding artist. Before long, the lovely brunette was suspended spread-eagle in a web of pink and teal rope. When she was fully bound and suspended, he administered a good, sound flogging. The crowd seemed appreciative of his creative rope work, and his pretty submissive also seemed pleased. There was a lot to see outside, but we wanted to be sure to catch Midori and Kumi’s “Elements of Suffering” performance.

To quote Midori about this intense performance art, “Aesthetics of endurance is a pervasive element for the Japanese, even for those scattered across the globe, having decided to be the nails that stick out, thus stepping out. To endure, or “gaman”, is a suffering that is distinct from suffering often expressed in the West, as one sees represented on ecclesiastical art. There is no blessings, heaven or martyrdom – The payoff is in the suffering endured in itself. The beauty and power of endurance is to be admired in itself, as part of fulfillment of one’s place and identity.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Now, if you’re wondering exactly what goes on during this performance, a picture is worth a thousand words. In a nutshell, though, the performance encompassed three elements: earth, water, and fire. Michael was able to secure a spot at the front of the crowd, where Midori and Kumi were floor level, limiting the ability of a large crowd to enjoy the performance. People were standing 6 rows deep and standing on benches to try to catch a glimpse. Michael captured some amazing photos from the performance (as well as a fairly significant amount of octopus juice)! This was a small part of the entire piece; you can see another part in the Torture Garden photo gallery here.

At the conclusion of Midori and Kumi’s performance, Michael ran upstairs to catch JD of the Two Knotty Boys as he suspended bondage model Sabrina Fox in an angelic performance. JD is one of the more artistic riggers, and he takes great care in the meticulous design and execution of his rope work. Once fully bound, Sabrina was adorned with feathery white angel wings. JD swung her out over the audience before removing the wings and allowing his angel the freedom to flip and twist her body as she struggled against the tension of the ropes. Michael took a few more photos before we went outside and shared a cab with two friendly crossdressers.

Saturday was a busy day filled with photo editing (and a nap). The Regency Grand Ballroom was the venue for the main event, the Fetish Ball. We arrived early, and were excited to see that this building had a lot of character. Built in 1909, it was an example of Scottish Rite architecture that fit perfectly with the theme of the evening, Metropolis, the 1927 silent science-fiction film created by famed Austrian-German director, Fritz Lang. Before the performances began, Michael photographed the well dressed crowd. Many guests donned their best fetish gear, but some costumes were more elaborate than others. One lovely latex-clad lady came complete with her own pony boy-driven cart. The pony obediently pranced to the music and was at his lady’s beck and call. On the subject of animals, we even spied a red and white latex zebra in the crowd. One of our Sybian girls even made an appearance. Kandi Cox, now a brunette, wore an inflatable red latex ball gown which struggled to contain her trademark enormous breasts.

Hostess for the evening was Sister Roma, a well-known social rights activist who has lent her hand to the war on HIV and AIDS. German design house BODYCULT began the evening showcasing their latex creations; however, this was not the typical runway show. The models tantalized and tangoed to the delight of the crowd. Syren fashions were highlighted in a fantastic performance featuring a ten-foot tall latex wearing vamp. Latex-hooded models emerged onto the stage, each wearing a collar and leash. From stage left a towering female teetered out onto the stage. Her minions worshipped at her feet before removing her skirt to reveal that she was perched atop a seat that was harnessed to a male slave’s shoulders. The goddess was lowered to the stage before being carried off by her loyal subjects.

Antiseptic Fashions had no trouble following the elaborate performance of Syren. Antiseptic features custom leather corsets, and these particular corsets had a futuristic twist to them. Madame S also had an elaborate stage show atypical from most fashion shows. Following the Metropolis theme, many of the models wore metallic latex as they marched around the stage. After a brief lull, the fashion show concluded with Pretty Pervy, the London based crew famous for inflatable and colorful creations seemingly inspired by aliens and the insect kingdom. Our friend Dante Posh was neither an alien nor an insect. She was a walking vagina. We’re not kidding.

We’re always excited to attend events that are new to us. The San Francisco Fetish Ball is seven years old, and we suspect it will go on for many more. With any luck, we’ll be back!

Lady Venus

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2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball – Club Enslaved photos are now live

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Photos are now live from the 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball, Friday night’s Club Enslaved party. This was our first trip to the San Francisco Fetish Ball, and I’m so glad that I had the chance to shoot this fantastic weekend! I’m working on Saturay night’s main party photos right now, and I hope to have them up by tomorrow night, along with a review of the Fetish Ball weekend.

I want to thank for sponsoring the 2008 San Francisco Fetish Ball along with our trip to photograph the weekend!