2008 Miami eXXXotica Photo Gallery

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Photos from Miami eXXXotica 2008 are now live!

I just finished editing photos from the 2008 Miami eXXXotica adult convention. Thanks to HotMovies.com for sponsoring the event and our trip to Miami to cover it. Unlike most fetish events we photograph, the eXXXotica is an adult porn convention that is a consumer event for fans to meet porn stars and see what’s new in the adult world. I’ll have a full review of the event in a day or so, but in the meanwhile here is the gallery!

Fetish Evolution Nuit Bizzare Dinner photos

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

Photos from Sunday night’s Nuit Bizzare Dinner and party are now live!

I’m editing the last group of photos (and the largest) right now. Monday’s Fetish Evolution party was simply amazing! A terrific dinner where courses alternated between erotic performances by Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, Darenzia, Emily Marilyn and Ruby Luster, made the it a wonderful evening. We have hundreds of photos from the night, so check back in a day or so for the final gallery and review of the 4 day weekend.

Please share a link to ErosArtist.com with any fetish friends who would like to see photos from one of the greatest fetish parties on the planet!

Fetish Evolution Weekend was sponsored once again by our friends at FetishMovies.com.

Sybian Ride with Harmony Rose

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Photos by Michael Diamond

Harmony Rose is a well known porn star who is one of the few talents to cross over into the fetish scene. She has starred in many bdsm videos including productions by Kink.com. I was fortunate to have Harmony on my Sybian in 2006 for her very first Sybian ride. I can honestly say that I don’t believe I’ve ever had a girl who was as intense as she.

Within a couple minutes of getting her on my Sybian, I could tell this was going to be a fun shoot. As time passed, and I kept bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, Harmony became like a wild animal!! By the time I let her cum, she was clutching and clawing at the bed and screaming like a banshee! I thought for sure I was going to get kicked out of the hotel where I was shooting. One orgasm wasn’t enough for Harmony though, she just wanted to keep cumming and cumming. Halfway through the shoot she selected the biggest and fattest dildo attachment that I have. By the time I decided to finish (for her own good) Harmony was shaking and kept cumming even though the machine was off. I handed her a glass dildo and she finished the scene by masturbating one last time. This is an amazing shoot, and could possibly be the best that I’ve ever done. I HIGHLY recommend this video if you want to see a girl having the most intense orgasms of her life!!

Click here to watch 20 minutes of Harmony’s Sybian ride for free on ErosArtsVOD.com.

If you would like to watch the free trailer, click the thumbnail.

To purchase this video as a download click here.

Check back in a couple weeks for photos from Miami eXXXotica!

Balloon Fetish with Asian Jenna

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Photos by Michael Diamond

Asian Jenna came to my studio a few months ago, where we shot a variety of fetish videos. Included in the shoot was a balloon fetish video, and here are a few photos for all of our Looner fans!

To watch a great selection of balloon fetish videos, click here for 20 free minutes with my compliments on ErosArtsVOD.com.

Check back in a couple weeks for photos from Miami eXXXotica!