Fetish Factory Tampa party 2008

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Photos by Michael Diamond

Last weekend was FetishCon, a long weekend of fetish shopping, education, photographing and modeling, socializing and partying. The entire weekend took place in the host hotel, including the evening parties in the hotel ballroom.

It was a welcome relief this year to have another option. Thanks to FetishMovies.com and the Fetish Factory, there were two off-site parties that in typical Fetish Factory fashion, kicked ass!

I missed the Friday night party, but thankfully made it to Saturday’s night at the Czar night club in Tampa. Not only was it great to get out of the hotel for the night, but the venue couldn’t have been any better! The place was packed, and the crowd was in party mode. If you’ve never been to a Fetish Factory party, I suggest you make your way down to Ft. Lauderdale for one of the monthly parties.

Here’s the gallery!

FetishCon 2008 Photos are now live!

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV)

2008 marked the fifth year that ErosArts has been to FetishCon. After five years, one might think that we have seen it all and that we would simply be going through the motions, but that was certainly not the case! As usual, we saw lots of old friends, but we also made a few new ones, too. Of course, Vesta, Genesis Lynn, and Stacy Burke were all in attendance, and we thank them for putting together such a great event. Also prominently featured were the folks of Clips4Sale.com, who were the diamond sponsor for this year’s FetishCon event. The Clips4Sale booth not only featured some excellent swag, hot girls, and candy, but there were also some interesting body casting demonstrations going on throughout the event. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention and thank FetishMovies.com, who again sponsored our trip to FetishCon as well as being a FetishCon sponsor.

Most excitingly for Michael and myself, this was out first event during which we had the chance to wear our spiffy new KinkySpace.com hats and t-shirts! The response from everyone was great, and we are very excited to launch our new social networking site for adults. KinkySpace.com will be a social networking site that BDSM people, swingers, nudists, bondage enthusiasts, GLBT folks, goth people, club kids, and otherwise unspecified perverts in general can come to hang out without fear of having their profile deleted for no apparent reason. It should be ready to go in just a few short weeks and we hope that you will join us there. Some of our friends were also excited about KinkySpace.com and were happy to pose with our t-shirts. Shall I be a name dropper? Okay, let’s see…We had Jean Bardot, Anastasia Pierce, Lew Rubens, Sabrina Fox, and RubberDoll all happily showing off KinkySpace.com t-shirts. Though wearing a gorgeous latex dress, Anastasia was gracious enough to put the shirt on right over her latex. Thanks, Anastasia! :) So all that being said, please go to KinkySpace.com and enter your e-mail address so that you will automatically be notified as soon as we are ready to introduce you to our site. We won’t spam you, either. Honestly, it is just me and Michael and we aren’t computer-savvy enough to bother spamming. This will be a great site for you to network with like-minded kinky folks.

But I digress.

Where was I??

Ah. FetishCon 2008. The expo hall was a place where there were fetish models, damsels in distress, super heroines, and shopping, too! A big event was the Super Heroine Showdown II hosted by well-known comic book guru George Perez. Well over a dozen beauties (my faves were Kendra James, Vivian Ireene Pierce, Diana Knight, and Jewell Marceau, BTW) donned their most heroine-ific costumes and were interviewed by the judges to determine who would be the next super heroine. The proceedings were broken up by some villains and then all hell broke loose. Girls were fighting and rolling around on the stage and some were being tied up by others. It was an all-out fiasco! Luckily, that is what the crowd came to see and they gleefully cheered on the girls and snapped lots of photos. Of course, if sexy girls wearing form-fitting costumes and boots while fighting with one another is not your thing, don’t fear! There were many other things to occupy the time. If you had a shopping itch to scratch, this was the place. Torvea.com were sponsors of FetishCon and they had a nice array of cuffs, canes, floggers, and various sex toys for those into such things. Of course, if you came to FetishCon and your bags were lost by the airline, there would be no need to worry! Vendors were selling latex, girdles, corsets, shoes, and pretty much anything one would have needed to be dressed appropriately for the festivities.

Many folks spent a good amount of time at the pool, which was open 24 hours a day during the show. At night is when the pool scene came to life, complete with a bar, a DJ, and a stage for shows, the pool was the place to relax and hang out with friends. I even made it to the pool this year and received a lovely foot rub from a foot boy who was eager to offer his services to the ladies. Kumi wore an adorable green latex swim suit, complete with a swim cap. Jean Bardot wore a black latex bikini as she relaxed poolside with a foot rub. Anastasia showed up to the pool in a t-shirt and black thong, looking as lovely as ever. There was no full nudity allowed, but that did not hinder anyone having some fun. The blow-up beach balls were a hit as people tossed them around the pool. Of course, I left early around 3:00 am because I had a flight home in just a few hours. I am sure that the party went on well into the wee hours of the morning, though.

There were several parties (conveniently) held right at the hotel. Not everyone wore fetish gear, but the parties were a lot of fun and a great place to do some people watching. The fashion shows were brief, but they showcased some exciting designers and some super hot models (including one of my faves, Lady Lethe, in a turquoise latex bikini). At the Saturday night party Lew Rubens tied up vivacious (and TALL!!) bondage model Sabrina Fox. (FYI, we did a Sybian shoot with Miss Sabrina that was HOT, HOT, HOT!) She was tied and suspended in a very lady-like sitting position with her long legs crossed. After making sure that she was securely tied, Lew tasked Sabrina to undo herself from the bondage. It was an exciting scene that (I think) yielded some lovely photos that you can view in our gallery.

The time quickly flew by and FetishCon ended before we knew it, and we (luckily) got out before the inclement weather hit. We are already looking forward to next year’s insanity. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out KinkySpace.com!!! I wish the Michael paid me each time I wrote KinkySpace.com. Maybe I’ll mention that to him…

Just in case, KinkySpace.com!!!!!!

Montreal’s Kinky Festival photos are now live!

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Photos by Michael Diamond

It’s been a very hectic couple of months, so I apologize for the lack of updates. We’ve been working very hard on the new social networking site, KinkySpace.com. The site is coming along quite well, and I’m very excited and anxious to launch soon! There are quite a few tweaks that we need to do before it’s ready. So far, we have the ability to create your own unique profile by either using CSS code or by using our custom made profile creator to make it easy to make a great looking page without knowing CSS. This is something I’m very proud of, as I think it’s going to separate KinkySpace from a lot of other fetish or adult social networking sites that box you into a certain look and don’t give you much option to create a unique identity.

We’ve tried to pull the best aspects of the other mainstream social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, while keeping a fetish flavor. I think it’s exactly what we need right now, a place where we can settle in without fear of being deleted because our lifestyle is found to be offensive by some. Sign up now to be emailed when the site is ready for you to make a profile and start making your own Kinky Space!

Anyway, onto the newest update… the Montreal’s Kinky Festival 2008! I’m heading to FetishCon in about an hour, so I’ll try to write a little update about the Kinky Festival soon! Enjoy the photos here.