Fantasy Fest 2008

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus (LV) – article by Lady Venus

Fantasy Fest 2008 has come and gone and it was another exciting time in Key West, complete with pirates, drag queens, political pundits, Key Lime pie, and quite a lot of rainfall. When my plane landed, parts of the tarmac were under so much water that the planes had to maneuver around the enormous pools of water. Many roads were under too much water to pass through safely in a car, but I was certain that the wet weather would not deter attendees who had waited one year for this great event.

Michael and I finally had the chance to wear our super keen gear to someplace other than to the grocery store! We wore our new t-shirts and hats, and we also sported a few messenger bags that were decorated by a friend. Walking through the streets was not easy because there were so many people there, but also because we kept getting stopped by people curious about just what the hell is. It seemed that there was a lot of interest and we couldn’t be happier with the response we received. So many people wanted t-shirts that we set up an online store for Kinky gear so that you can tell the world that you are Kinky, too!

Now, let’s talk about Fantasy Fest. Although the US economy is in a downward spiral, that did not seem to put an extreme damper on the festivities. We did notice, however, that there were fewer people in body paint this year, possibly because of the expense of getting painted. Though not as many painted bodies roamed the streets, there was no shortage of revelers in all sorts of costumes. This year’s theme was Pirates, Pundits, and Political Party Animals. Since Captain Morgan was the main event sponsor, there were pirates, pirate wenches, and parrots as far as the eye could see.

Not surprisingly, we also saw many costumes and parade floats with a decidedly political influence. Yep, you betcha there were lots of Sarah Palin lookalikes (complete with somewhat dysfunctional families in tow), plenty of pigs wearing lipstick, and even one gentleman who was a dead ringer for John McCain! We spotted many Barack Obama supporters as well, including some kitty cats and drag queens. The best campaign sign that I spotted (and absconded with!) was a “Drag Queens for Obama” sign. A great number of the 62 parade entries also sported a decidedly political theme, not surprising with the US presidential elections looming in the coming week. In fact, there was even a float with a bunch of blue dress-wearing Monica Lewinsky dancers. (Of course, there were some Clintons with cigars on that float as well.)

Much of my time was spent up near the 801 Bourbon Bar so that I could watch all the sexy gay men in various states of undress gyrate and tantalize both men and women in the hot sun. Much to my amazement, the drag queens were dressed to the nines and they all looked beautiful, despite the unrelenting humidity. I wore a t-shirt and shorts and felt like a hot mess, but these drag queens worked the hell out of their sexy dresses. I would like to offer a big thank you to Miss Sushi who allowed me to sit out on the balcony of the bar during the parade to take photos. Though I am afraid of heights, I think that I got some great shots to share with you.

Michael had a street-level view of the parade at the La Concha hotel. He remembers that he was squished against the barriers last year, but he said that this year it was not as bad. As I mentioned before, the sputtering US economy might have had an influence on the number of party-goers. In fact, when checking in to the hotel, Michael was offered a balcony suite. Normally the balcony suites are booked a year in advance!

Economic recession or not, Fantasy Fest was a great time again this year and we would like to thank for sponsoring Fantasy Fest and our trip to cover it. Michael and I are already planning our costumes for next year!

Stoya, Digital Playground’s Pirates 2 star – before she was famous!

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Photos by Michael Diamond
View the gallery here.

On a chilly spring day in 2006, I met a young alt model from Philadelphia named Stoya. She had blue hair, porcelain white skin, an engaging smile, and was only 19 years old. From the first moment I saw her, I knew that she was something special. Soft spoken and shy, I had no idea exactly how special this girl would turn out to be.

Stoya had never appeared on video before and she was reluctant to do anything sexual, but agreed to allow me to follow her and her friend Cyndi around the streets and alleys of Philadelphia to photograph and videotape whatever might happen. The day started very innocently, as I shot various fetish short clips such as smoking, kissing, and lollipop licking… but it wasn’t long before the shoot took an erotic twist.

I could tell that the two young beauties were enjoying being exhibitionists. Dressed in short skirts and the highest heels, we strolled around the city until we found a secluded alley. The girls were horny and ready to play, and I was there to record the whole thing! The possibility of being caught only fueled their lust for each other. It wasn’t long before Cyndi was on her knees pulling Stoya’s panties off. A sign warning of a security camera did nothing to dissuade the girls from exploring each other’s bodies in public for the first time. We were lucky not to get caught, and I ended up with a set of some pretty hot images!

Throughout 2006 I shot Stoya two more times, in various fetish videos that included girl/girl tickling, bathing, shaving her legs, and dressing in latex.

The video footage of Stoya was filed away, and sat in a box for two years before finally being rediscovered. None of the video content of this future porn superstar has ever been seen before. Stoya only shot a couple more soft core videos before becoming a contract girl for Digital Playground. She will soon be appearing in Pirates 2, and has become one of the hottest new porn stars of 2008.

See Stoya before she was a star, but don’t let that innocent face fool you, we know just how nasty this girl can be! I’m happy to announce that the video, “Shadowing Stoya” is now available on As my gift to you, watch 30 minutes of the video for free by clicking this link!

In other news, our Kinky social networking site – will be going live in just two days! The site has over 150 people on it already who have been helping test the site before launch. It’s getting rave reviews, and promises to be the best free adult social networking site on the web! Join now and meet old and new friends who are making the move to KinkySpace :) .