German Fetish Ball 2009

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus has recently been offline, due to a large number of websites originating in China which have hotlinked images from our website – sucking our bandwidth and crashing our sites. We’re happy to have finally resolved the issue, and have moved to a new server. We’re sorry for those of you who have been looking for photos from the 2009 German Fetish Ball, and have been disappointed to see that nothing has been posted since the event.

2009 German Fetish Ball

This year is the last year that the German Fetish Ball will be in Berlin. In 2010, the host city will be Hamburg. To attend the final Berlin GFB weekend is an honor and I’d like to thank both and René (from Xklusiv) for making it happen. This year Michael was able to join me. I felt at ease in Berlin, though not exactly an expert, so it was great showing Michael the places I saw last year.

We were apprehensive about the weather forecast (rainy!!) when we checked it from home, but Friday was actually quite lovely and we took some time to walk off our stiffness from over 10 hours of being in a plane. Having arrived on Friday, we were a little too tired to attend the Kinky Cocktails party that night. We figured getting a good night’s sleep would be a better option for us. The time difference just kills me now that I am getting older!

Saturday we got up and had a little breakfast before heading out to the Fair. It was held in a different venue than last year’s Fair, and this location had a great vibe to it. It was sort of industrial, but also kind of homey. There were a lot of great little locations that would have made for interesting photo sessions. Of course, we saw a lot of our friends, including Rubber Sisters and Latex 101, but we also made some new friends. The BodyCult folks are some very talented people. Their designs are different from that are typically seen in the fetish world. Their pieces are colorful and some of the latex is textured with vertical stripes or even a sort of animal print. As much as I adore black latex, I find that it is so much more exciting to photograph colorful pieces. They combine latex with other textiles like a beautiful red plaid fabric or a green camouflage. Not only does it reduce the cost considerably compared to a design made strictly of latex, but it also is something fresh and unexpected.

We ran into our friend Tim Woodward and before long we were all treated to a little bondage show from Ropemarks. I can scarcely tie my shoes, so I really enjoy watching a good rigger at work. Bob suspended his lovely assistant, Chantal, from a giant winch and she was at least 20 feet in the air. I always get nervous watching these shows, but it ended safely and she seemed quite in bliss.

A short walk later we found ourselves in a nice area of Berlin with a yummy noodle stand, so we took a little break. The buildings piqued Michael’s interest, so off we went to take some photos. Unfortunately, it did start raining, but we were safely on the train by that time. When we ended up near our stop, the skies finally opened and we stood stranded in the train station waiting for the rain to slow. A little bit of time in the hotel lapsed before we were on our way to the next event: Revolution at the KitKat Club.

Last year’s Revolution party was also at the KitKat Club, so I knew that it would be a great party. This nonsmoker appreciated the outside area with the pool for a little cool, fresh air. The club was packed full and we were excited to get some beautiful photos to share with you. Michael photographed a freakshow performance featuring nails being hammered into nostrils, nipple weights bearing more weight than any nipple ever should, and a glass walker. The show’s finale showcased fire play, which is always fun to photograph. There were loads of sweaty bodies gyrating to the loud music and before too long, we were hit by jet lag and we made a hasty retreat back to the hotel for a little sleep.

Sunday was the main event: the 2009 German Fetish Ball at Matrix. On our arrival at the club, we were excited (and quite surprised) to learn that we had been nominated for a European Fetish Award in the Best Idea category. Okay, that was pretty cool. Then we crowded around the main stage and we learned that our free social network site – was the winner of the Best Idea category. Considering that we haven’t yet been live with for a whole year yet, we were floored to learn of our win. To those who nominated and voted for, THANK YOU!! (If you don’t know what is, now is a great time for you to come check us out and learn more.)

This year’s fashion show lineup included Savage Wear, Pony Maedchen, Rubber 55, Tatjana Warnecke, and Blacklickorish Latex. The trend seemed to be colorful latex and sleek military-style dresses. As always, the Tatjana Warnecke show did not disappoint. I am still marveling at the crazy-high boots worn during the show. We have covered many fetish fashion shows, but this show was more of a story telling than a typical catwalk show where the models scurry out, pose, and then scurry backstage for their next outfit.

After a short break, the stage was covered with a tarp and some white sheeting for the Ropemarks vs. Kumi show. This time, the rigger was not Bob doing the rigging, it was his partner Chantal (who was tied up earlier at the Fair). It seems that anytime a tarp is placed on the ground, all of the photographers gathered around the stage cringe a little at the thought of some kind of liquid ending up on our camera lenses. (We’ve personally been splashed with water, whipped cream, soapy suds, milk, latex lube, octopus ink, and paint.) Chantal was painting a hanging canvas, but Kumi was playing the role of an unhelpful brat quite well. Before long, Kumi was restrained by Chantal’s ropes and then Kumi became the canvas. It seems that almost every time we see Kumi on stage, she is tied up and covered with some kind of messy liquid like octopus ink or paint. Perhaps that is the only way to tame this feisty fetish beauty?

When the shows wrapped up, Michael and I walked around to photograph the über sexy party guests, all of whom were dressed to impress. The majority of the guests were decked out in their finest latex fashions. Happily, there were some friends at this party like the Swedes (, Honey Hair and David, Alexander Horn, Tim Woodward, Tony Mitchell, and super hot Catwoman Katrina (whom I had met the night before at the KitKit Club).

Michael and I wisely decided not to fly back to the US the next morning (unlike many other parties we attend), so we slept late and took a superb walking tour of Berlin. As I said before, next year’s venue for the German Fetish Ball will be Hamburg. The face of the GFB for 2010 is French fetish model Marie Kalista. This sexy newcomer couldn’t be a better choice – especially as far as Michael is concerned. Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank, for sending us to Berlin and also René for his gracious hospitality. We’ll see you next year in Hamburg!

Fetish Factory 14th Anniversary Weekend

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Photos by Michael Diamond

Photos from the Fetish Factory 14th Anniversary Weekend are now live!

This was my fifth Fetish Factory weekend and they just seem to get bigger and bigger each year. Glenn and Donna know how to throw some of the greatest fetish parties in the world, and this past event was no exception to their stellar track record of an awesome time.

There are four photo galleries this year, including all three parties and the afternoon pool party at the host hotel. This year the hotel was totally sold out and filled with kinky friends. In fact, there was even a second hotel for the overflow!

As soon as I returned home from Ft. Lauderdale, I had to get myself packed up and ready to travel to Berlin for the German Fetish Ball. It took me a little longer than usual to get the photo galleries up, and I’m currently working on the GFB pictures which I hope to have up in a day or so.

I want to thank for hosting the Fetish Factory 14th anniversary weekend, as well as my trip to cover the event. Without their continued support of the fetish community, events like this would not be as great. Please visit and help us continue to provide you with coverage of these wonderful fetish events!

If you’ve attended the weekend, please feel free to use photos of yourself from my galleries, as long as you leave the ErosArtist and FF logos intact.