FetishCon 2009 photos

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Photos by Lady Venus and Michael Diamond

FetishCon 2009 has come and gone and this marks its ninth year. Even though the economy is suffering, it seems to have had no noticeable effect on this great event. In speaking with some of the vendors, they were having a better year this year than in the past. It seems that maybe perverts can always find the funds to keep their fetishes going strong!

Most amusingly to myself and Michael, we introduced four previously vanilla folks to the other side of the fetish world. Without going into specifics (to protect the innocent, of course), our flight attendants and pilots on our flight to FetishCon ended up attending. When sitting in the first row of the plane, one typically gets into chats with the flight attendants (FA). Our FA asked why we were going to Tampa, and I thought that this FA seemed pretty cool, so I told her that we were going to photograph FetishCon. Of course, I explained what it was and she freaked out! We gave her a business card and said that if she wanted to come, she should give us a call. Neither of us expected to hear from her, but within two hours after deplaning, that very FA was on the phone asking if she could bring another FA and the two pilots!

All four showed up at the hotel and were extremely excited. The first person to make an impression on them (especially the pilots) was the lovely RubberDoll. She was walking out of the hall and when the boys saw her, they were transfixed by her fantastic assets. She most graciously posed for photos with them and later introduced one of the pilots to her rubber vacuum cube and the other pilot was put in the stocks, stripped of his jeans, paddled, and violet wanded! The boys were both quite amused with this.

Not wanting to be left out, the two female FAs had to have their fun. One was tied up by Lew Rubens and then introduced to the iGallop by The Reverend. Did I mention that this naughty FA told me that she forgot to wear panties for her trip? She was not kidding. (This amused Michael, who had had his eye on her during the flight as she continually crossed and uncrossed her long legs.) The other adventurous FA used a violet wand on a male pain slut. (Earlier that day, I had kicked the living crap out of that pain slut’s balls, which pleased me quite a lot.) Though the photos will never be on our site (to protect the innocent, as I stated before), what you need to know is that the second FA seems to be a budding dominatrix! In each and every photo I took, she was smiling! It is always the quiet ones who seem to be the kinkiest, and this FA proved that!

In addition to our friends above, we were also pleased to see many others as well. Mistress Jean Bardot was as lovely as ever (as was her assistant Sybil). Stacy Burke, Kendra James, Anastasia Pierce, and Jewell Marceau also looked delectable. Also in attendance were Paris Kennedy, Jade Indica, Maxine X, Emily Addison, and Paige Richards, all of whom looked super hot. In addition to the models, we also were happy to see some of our Philly peeps, like Kali of Passional Boutique (Philadelphia’s very best fetish shop), Renee of BabyLove’s Latex, and the folks of Delicious Corsets. Philly was represented quite well at this year’s FetishCon!

If fawning over sexy fetish models is not your thing, fear not! FetishCon has a lot to offer. Of course, there was lots of shopping for fetish toys (crops, canes, paddles, inflatables, vibrators, and more), latex, retro girdles, and corsets. After spending a little money on gear and clothing, the next logical stop would be the piercing and tattoo booth. Feeling a little tired from all of your shopping? Maybe you would like to visit the ponies in their stable. There you could watch them jump or maybe grab a ride in a pony-pulled cart. Every once in a while we all heard a very loud bang, and that would have come from the over inflation of extremely large latex balloons by lots of willing ladies. There were also no less than five separate parties during the several days of FetishCon, so if you wanted to let loose, the parties would give you that opportunity.

Not surprisingly, the pool was again the place to be, with the festivities going on all night long, into the morning. Of course, the people at the pool on Friday night missed with frighteningly loud fire alarms that were set off by (my assumption) some drunk, inconsiderate jackass a little after midnight. The entire hotel had to be evacuated, but apparently no one was hurt and there was no fire. All was well, even though we were all inconvenienced by this stupid event.

Though our bags have yet to be unpacked, we are already exited for next year’s FetishCon, which will be the tenth! I expect that this will be even bigger than this year and we can’t wait to head back to Tampa.

Philly Libertine Ball 2009

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Photos by Michael Diamond and Lady Venus

This past weekend marked the 11th anniversary Libertine Ball in Philadelphia. The theme this year was 2009: Road Warrior- A Post-Apocalyptic Phantasm. I just finished editing photos and have posted over 200 pictures from the party!

Feel free to take your photo if you see it in the gallery – just leave the ErosArtist.com watermark on the image and it’s yours :)

New York City Pride Parade 2009

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Photos and review by Lady Venus

For the first time, I attended the NYC Gay Pride Parade in June. I had previously only been to one such parade, and that was in Philadelphia several years ago. Though I attended with one group, I actually ended up with a different group since they were a few people short. I rode with the gay rodeo boys and I (happily) was able to ride in air-conditioned comfort on this hot June day. Forty years ago, the gay rights movement was born in Greenwich Village in NYC. I won’t go into all the details here. You all know how to Google, right? Google “Stonewall Riots” and learn your gay history!

I was able only to experience a very small part of the parade. I understand that the 2008 parade had around 150 entries; however, the 2009 parade had over 300 entries. It was exciting to see gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people coming together with thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of supporters. The crowd was filled with positive energy and I saw only one tiny group of protestors being led away by police. The weather was beautiful, but I was still quite happy to not have walked the whole route. Being in the truck made taking photos a little easier.

My highlight of the day was seeing Randy Jones, the ORIGINAL cowboy from The Village People. He looks amazing and has not aged at all! If you ever have the chance to attend a pride parade, you really should because no one photograph gallery can fully capture all the sites. My gallery is simply a very small offering that I hope you will all enjoy. See the gallery here!