Spanking for Punished Brats!

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Usually I’m behind the camera, photographing fetish parties, models, or scenes… it’s where I feel most comfortable and at home. However, recently I was asked by to appear as a guest spanker, and found myself in front of the lens with three cute but naughty girls in need of some discipline!

It was a great honor for me to assist in their shoot, and I really had a great time spanking such lovely behinds. I shot four scenes with three different bratty girls. My first scene was with Pixie, a spanking aficionado who I discovered had an ass that turned out to almost be tougher than my hand. I nearly called the safe-word because my hand was hurting so much… I have to work on toughening up my palm if I’m going to spank her again!

Bratty Lavender was my second spankee… for this scene I used a leather paddle/strap which saved my hand a little and gave her a rather sore butt after 5 minutes of some pretty hard spanking. She was a bit of a moaner too, which made the shoot even more fun. Finally, my last spanking was with newcomer Lorraine. She had only been spanked a little in her personal life, so after 4 spankings she could barely sit the next day! By the time I got my hand on her, she had already had her butt spanked and paddled three times before. Needless to say she was rather sensitive and her ass was a bright shade of red. I spanked her OTK style, as she wiggled and squirmed over my knees.

After a full day of spanking fun, I returned home in a state of relaxation that I haven’t felt in a long while.

I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with the Punished Brats family, Pixie, David, Veronica, Lavender and Lorraine (and the camera-guy)!. They are a terrific group of people, and know how to have fun and be professional at the same time.

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Hunter Bryce – Balloon fun

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Photos by Michael Diamond
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Here’s a gallery of beautiful pornstar and model Hunter Bryce playing with her balloons! I love balloon shoots – they’re so much fun and very colorful. If you love balloon fetish videos, check out this selection with 30 free minutes! Free Balloon Fetish Videos