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Photos by Michael Diamond – review by Lady Venus
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This year was the third year that ErosArts was in attendance at the German Fetish Ball, and we were introduced to a new city: Hamburg. In the north of Germany, this town would be our home for five days. At one point we were concerned that it might be longer than that because of that damned Icelandic volcano. Luckily for us, ol’ Eyjafjallajokull held out just long enough for us to get home safely. We hope that our friends who attended the GFB also got home safely.

This year we planned better than in years past and we arrived early enough to get over our jet lag. On our second night, we had a lovely dinner at a local Greek restaurant with some old friends and a few new ones. Notably, this restaurant was quite keen on getting everyone at the table liquored up with at least five free rounds of ouzo shots. (Lady Venus is Greek, and she knew well enough not to suck down that pernicious, licorice-flavored fire water.) Others at our table did not make the same decision, however, and we got louder and louder with each round of liquid flame. One of our dinner guests was the lovely Dante Posh and her polite French slave. Dante was nice enough to let me and several others at the table use the shock collar that was attached to his balls. Damn, I love CBT so much!!!! Some new friends were also at the table. One of them was the folks from Masters in Steel, including the fantastic fetish dog Georgia. (We love you, Georgia!) Also, Katia (not in her typical fabulous latex fetish gear) joined us for our dinner. After quite a lot of good food and a lot of ouzo, we retired for the night.

The next day was the first day of the fetish fair. Oh, the vendors that were there! It was a veritable orgasm of fabulosity! Again, many friends from past GFB weekends were present, including the guys from Latex 101, Honeyhair, Tony Mitchell of, and the lovely Miss Carina of Burlesque Couture. (If you haven’t seen Carina’s hats, you MUST have a look. They are fantastic!) Some other gorgeous latex designers like Rubber 55, HW Design, Cyberesque, and Body Cult also displayed their beautiful and colorful creations. In fact, we found Kumi at the HW Design booth modeling a sexy latex cat suit and, at one point, a transparent latex balloon hood. Michael happily saw Marie Kalista floating around the fair. Also, a new latex company, RubberLuv was there. Chris and Shirley were lovely and there were some gorgeous creations in their store. My favorite was the bright pink skirt that was short in the front and long (to cover one’s large butt, perhaps) in the back.

After a little shopping, we went back to the hotel to rest before the pre-party Fetish Decadence on Friday night. Friday’s party was held at Catonium. For you pony lovers, if you weren’t there, you missed a super hot pony show. Anna Rose was a delightfully decorated pony girl wearing her best pony shoes. Her trainer then came out and began to adorn her in more and more pony gear. First the front pony hooves, then the bit, reins, harness, and tail, and during this time the poor pony girl was electrically stimulated with a toy in her pussy. The final touches were a pony head and saddle, and then her trainer rode his lovely pony around the stage, a fitting end to the pony show. Throughout the Friday night event, everyone was decked out in their very best fetish gear, though again, some folks were not keen on having their photos taken. (People, can you please tell me why you refuse photos if you are TOTALLY COVERED IN LATEX?! I don’t get it.)


Last year ErosArts won a European Fetish award. At the Fetish Ball on Saturday night more awards were presented. I’m sorry to say that I don’t yet have the list of this year’s winners, but you will find them on the award website. The trophies were handed out by the beautiful face of the GFB, Marie Kalista. What would a German Fetish Ball be without a fashion show? Some of the best designers showed their newest collections, featuring many great models. Retro uniform looks, corsets in all manner of textiles, pasties, hats, stockings, translucent colored latex, and high heels were featured. Most happily, there was a lot of color in the shows and many different textures in the looks. Designers who presented during this year’s fashion show included: Cyberesque, HMS latex, HW Design, Naucler Design, Rub Addiction, and Velda Lauder.

Interestingly, this year seemed to have quite a good number of gas masks that were meant for children (creepy!), but were made into pouches, cod pieces, and bras. I guess that the fetish designers are into re-purposing and recycling old items. Way to be green!! Michael’s favorite bit of the Saturday night party had to have been massaging the tired feet of Ancilla Tilia. (Michael’s note: Yep – that was the highlight, although I think she was kind of out of it by that time!)

Of course, we’d be remiss if we did not mention that was our generous benefactor in supporting our trip to this year’s GFB. They were one of the primary sponsors of the first German Fetish Ball in Hamburg. See you in Hamburg next year!

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