Mistress Coral Korrupt

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Photos by Michael Diamond
View the gallery here.

Here’s a set of my friend Mistress Coral Korrupt. You can see more of her on her ClipStore, as well as in my JerkOffInstruction clip store with Mistress Lexi Sindel.

Bal des Supplices 2010 in Lyon France

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Photos by FetishTool.com and Fulmy Nato
View the gallery here.

Once again, Teo from FetishTool.com came to the rescue and photographed an event that I was not able to attend. With the assistance of his friend Fulmy Nato, we have a gallery of the 2010 Bal des Supplices which took place in Lyon, France on September 25th. I’ve been a rather lax in getting this gallery live, so please accept my apologies for the delay! Since I wasn’t able to make it, Teo sent me some notes as well as a splendid collection of photos.
From Teo’s notes:

This was the Fifth Edition of Lyon’s best fetish event called Bal des Supplices. The main theme of the venue was “Fetish for Military”, with a military theme that can be seen throughout the gallery. Guests this year included Sophia Landi and Morrigan Hel, as well as Suka Off. On stage, Rubber shows on catwalk were by Rubear & Hedony Design. There was additionally, a fully equipped dungeon organized by belgian Domme Maitresse Salem. The dancefloor managed by TG Allen and Vyktor Nova. The years are passing by but BdS is continuosly growing up in European fetish scene as a unmissable venue for all capted fetishists. Julien & Marilyne, the young but capable organizers, had hit the target once again, bringing in Lyon hundreds of beautiful people from all over Europe and U.S.

Thank you Teo and Fulmy for capturing this event for ErosArtist.com. I hope to make it to Lyon this year and experience the Bal des Supplices myself in 2011!