Barcelona Fetish Weekend 2011

Posted in fetish party on May 4th, 2011 by ErosArtist

Photos by Michael Diamond – Article by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Barcelona Fetish Weekend are now live! This was the first ever Fetish Weekend in Barcelona, Spain. I had an amazing time there and hope that there will be another in 2012 so I can return to one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Please feel free to use any photos of yourself by pulling the image from the gallery – please do not remove my watermark and feel free to link back to my site! Once again, I wish to thank for sponsoring this event and my trip to photograph it for you! Please visit and help support events like this!

Article by Zoey Holloway

I am a pretty lucky girl to have experienced my first fetish event sponsored by in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. I went with no expectations as a newbie. I have always been more excited about experiencing something new that the actual event. That viewpoint is now altered after attending the first ever Barcelona Fetish Weekend, April 15-17. Friday’s night event was held at Row 14, which, from the outside appears as a private little tropical bar get-away spot. Once inside, I quickly realized I was in for an evening of things I’ve not seen before. Various dungeon play furniture beckoned and awaited its guests. I like that the venue had an intimate feel to each area, including the stage. There were performances ranging from cute kitty play to fire, wax and feathers flying everywhere!

Jewell Marceau as the sexy nurse who’s seafoam green dress featured her every curve had me trying to sneek-a-peek everytime she bent over. She performed later in the evening as a playful kitty wanting her milk. Little did I know where she was wanting it! The milk enema was quite arousing. Jewell’s eagerness to receive kept me engrossed in her every move.

Lotti Kixx entertained me thoroughly with her shiny disco ball. After all, I am a girl and get fascinated by shiny large objects! Her sex appeal and choreographed dance talents had me mesmerized. She truly appeared to be having as much fun with that disco ball as I was watching her.

The music, performances,fashion show, people, place…it all was a great evening of fun, laughs, even insightful conversation. Those who wanted to, played in all various forms of bondage and role play. As a group of us gathered, awaiting the shuttle bus as tired as I was, I mainly thought about when can I come back to a party like this?

Saturday evening’s event was at a charming hillside locale. Cabaret style entertainment accompanied the three course flavorsome meal. Lottie Kixx once again delivered a captivatingly fun performance in food play with an accommodating slave. Her body alone is reason enough to be enthralled. Jewell Marceau teamed with Mistress Absolute in an uniquely playful tease on stage. Who knew inflated bin liners could be so sexy when combined with two stunning women dressed in plastic? They were completely enveloped in clear and white plastic jumpsuits, hoods included. Simple yet seductively sinful as they touched each other. After the stage shows ended, the floor was open for dancing and a cage set alone on the stage. A few other rooms were also part of the playground. The attire of the night ranged from colorful latex to luxurious corsets. Tight pencil skirts and sparkly pasties. Another intimate setting which led to a wonderfully relaxed yet sensuous evening.

The final fetish event of the weekend for me was the Kinky Bus Tour. It was a whole different reason why people were turning their heads as we walked some of the streets of Barcelona along the tour. I heard comments like “Look! Freaks on the street!” which made me smile and be proud to be prancing about in my corset dress among these sexy strutters in full latex gear. There were lots of laughs again. People re-acquainting themselves with each other in the Barcelona sun shine. Even beach volleyball with the “normal” civilians! I think the funniest statement of the day was made as a regular tour bus passed us. “ You’re on the VANILLA BUS and we’re NOT!” led to full on belly laughs from at least our side. The other bus people appeared genuinely frightened. If they only knew we were all just a bunch of little kids inside enjoying a day of public dress up. For my first fetish weekend experience, this was perfect in many ways. I enjoyed the feeling of intimacy in the smaller venues and actually being able to meet and converse with several people. Barcelona is such a beautiful city with a lot of history and soul. Its palpable as I walked the streets sightseeing. The variety of talent throughout the weekend, impressed and entertained my senses in a new way. I do hope to experience as many fetish events as possible this year and if Barcelona is chosen for next years roster, would love to go back. I can only imagine given the beauty of the city and the people there, it would establish itself as one of the prime places for successful fetish parties.