Fetish Factory 16th Anniversay Weekend

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Photos by Michael Diamond, review by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Fetish Factory 16th Anniversary Weekend are now live! Thanks to FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this event and our trip to cover it for you!! Make sure to visit FetishMovies for thousands of fetish videos on demand.

Have you ever entered a place and immediately felt transported to an alternate reality? This is the feeling experienced as I stepped into the Ft. Lauderdale Sheraton Hotel to spend the weekend for Fetish Factory 16th Anniversary Celebration. As I attended the various events at outside clubs and poolside parties three words repeated themselves, Fun, FREEDOM, and Fantasy. Freedom in all caps because it is the quality of energy felt throughout the weekend. Everyone I encountered seemed of good cheer and very happy to be in each other’s company. Such a sense of community shared by all ages and dress manner. As always, an abundance of fashionable latex was paraded all weekend, as well as leather, lace and, at one club, a colorful condom skirt ( have to try that one). It’s a beautiful thing when ego’s can be checked outside at the curb to let soul expression through clothing, makeup, wigs, hats, masks come out to play.

On to the parties…Friday May 27th venue was Sky Nightclub. What a convenience it is to have buses provided all weekend to the various clubs. Funny thing I am noticing about the Fetish party buses is the atmosphere is in party mode on the way to the event as well as going back to the hotel at 4 a.m. The main stage perfomances for Friday were, Sarula, Ms. V & Mimi, and Athena. The performance that stood out in memory was Ms. V & Mimi’s. I am all for shredding of material and was surprised when MiMi’s latex frock began being torn from her curvaceous frame. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two females through the joining of the gas masks and hoses at their mouths. The oxygen bag that inflated and deflated with their breath was especially sensual. I wasn’t sure what to make of the male performer standing to the side but as the girls continued in their performance I could see where his part was. I am a fan of two girls playing with eachother in any capacity so this show was my favorite of the evening.

Saturday, May 28th party was at Exit 66 Nightclub. This was my favorite local of the weekend due to the large space available for dance and play with upstairs and downstairs access as well as outdoor patio and poolside areas. This was the largest event of the weekend and booked in a club that can accommodate a large number of guests easily. Performers for this night included Natasha, Mimi & Ms. V, Jean Bardot, Drew, Defenze Mechanizm. Of the performances, the most memorable for me were Natasha and Drew, visual performance art showing the strength and grace of which a human body is capable. They were each absolutely stunning and performed their show seemingly effortlessly. Be sure to view the pictures in the gallery accompanying this review. The attire in view this evening was by far the most diverse and colorful of all weekends events.

Sunday, May 29th included the Pervy Pool Party in afternoon and Epic Nightclub in the evening. Despite the late night partygoing, people were quite alert and enjoying the Florida sun poolside. Again, the general mood of all attending was lighthearted and fun. Such a sense of acceptance and friendship is felt. Sunday evenings venue was my favorite as far as decorations and more intimate play areas. Upstairs balconies gave birds eye view of the dance floor and main stage where a bevy of shoe fetish heels gave the eyes a feast throughout the evening. There was more of a variety of attire than the colorful latex seen previous nights. Two performances occupied the main stage that evening, Ms. Absolute and Jean Bardot. Although a similar version of Ms. Absolutes performance was seen in at the recent Barcelona Fetish Weekend, I enjoyed this version with a few leggy beauties in the act. Im a fan of transformation at any level. Her show provides us with the exaggerated visual of female enhancements that so much of women in society partake. I love how she begins the show with the expressions of sadness and comparison of body parts not being quite as full and perky then as the show progresses, so do the plumped up female features. She is a joy to watch as she seems to enjoy performing.

I danced my ass off as much as possible the whole weekend. Partook in a little spanking, flogging and drinking much like many other participants did. I did see people I knew who I met in Barcelona recently and it’s a treat to meet them again with so many miles in between our everyday lives.

As I waited for the hotel shuttle to take me to the airport Monday morning, I saw people exiting the hotel who, I had to do a double take a few times and smile to myself because only hours earlier I had seen these same plain clothed people in full latex and being lead on a leash wearing a huge smile. The weekend was a whirlwind of parties and people. I am still in awe at the efficiency with which Glenn and Donna create and handle so many details required to make such a weekend happen. Thank you again to FetishMovies.com for making my attendance possible.