Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary

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Photos by Michael Diamond, review by Zoey Holloway
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Photos from the 2011 Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary Weekend are now live! Thanks to FetishMovies.com for sponsoring this event and our trip to cover it for you!! Make sure to visit FetishMovies for thousands of fetish videos on demand.

Fetish Factory 17th Anniversary Party Weekend, May 25-27, 2012.
by Zoey Holloway

The specific information of performers names, the schedule of events, and all venue information can be found at FetishFactory.com. For someone who has not ever attended an event such as this, I write for you. What awakens the desire to delve into the fetish world? This is a personal journey to each individual I would imagine. As I made my way through the crowds of people each night of the weekend I pondered what may have brought us all together at this particular place in time. As I saw familiar faces from other events I’ve attended I got the feeling of belonging to sort of a traveling tribe of artists in their own expression. This is a much different experience than just dressing up and going dancing at a favorite weekend club. This is an opportunity to set your everyday concerns aside and be only what you choose to be through however you desire to adorn your body.

On any night there is a vast display of leather, lace, latex, feathers, silks, fishnet and rhinestones. Styles of clothing range from cyber like space age to old time Victorian. There were a few impressive zentai suits as well as adorable pinwheel pasties. On more than one occasion I simply stood to the side and watched the parade of color pass by. Im sure everyone in attendance had at some point the thought of how lucky they are to have a place to be free of any judgment. The sense of a supportive community is also prominent at fetish gatherings. There is plenty of play time as well. If you haven’t seen Mistress Deanna in action, she is one who is mesmerizing to view. Her intricate dance as she flogs is quite beautiful. I witnessed how quickly she gathers a crowd, all to become a part of her moment.

There were main stage shows each night with the crowning performance belonging to suspension artist, Samar. After her veiled preparation she exposed herself and entranced everyone who watched. The combination of hypnotic music, her two beautiful performers at her side and also a part of her suspension made the whole experience at some points breathtaking. These fetish parties are truly a place to go if your desire is to reveal the most hidden parts of yourself, the parts that cant typically be shown in public through our “society standard of acceptable dress code”. I have to say the highlight of surprise and childlike humor was at the pervy pool party Sunday when loveable photographer Fucken Gerry presented himself in the bubblegum pink latex mouse outfit and was completely surprised to have three lovely matching female mice to play with. People in the fetish community gather to play hard which includes the long nights at the clubs but also the aspects of fetish play to include flogging, rope bondage, rope suspension, spanking, Master & servant by collar and leash. There is much more play which can be seen in the photo gallery by Erosartist.com as well as the many pictures provided at FetishParty.com/access.

I always enjoy asking people where they are from and how involved they are in the fetish community. The answers range from heavily involved in the lifestyle when they are home to only saving up for the once per year party in which more than a few responded with Fetish Factory Annual party is their only party they attend. Thank you again to FetishMovies.com for providing me with the opportunity again this year to attend this memorable weekend event. Other words of interest for those of you who love Google searches: Goggles, Hoods, Chastity devices, Strap-on, Parasol, Corsets, Garters, Wax play.