Back to my roots

When I originally created this site, it was designed to be a showcase for erotic drawings – hence the name ErosArtist. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time and inspiration to draw, and I’ve really missed it! If you been coming here for a little while, you may have noticed that I’ve been slacking on posting new galleries for the past month or so.

Last year was filled with travel, as I dedicated myself to attending and photographing as many great fetish events as I could, while at the same time building our library of videos. I had an amazing year, and met a lot of really interesting people, but by December I crashed. I spent about a month in hibernation, questioning whether I wanted to continue along the same path in 2008. After a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided that I’m going to cut back on the number of events I cover and devote myself to more artistic endeavours.

There are still plenty of great parties and other kinky events that either I or my friend Lady Venus will be photographing, but in addition to event galleries, I’m going to expand ErosArtist to include fetish drawings, niche fetish galleries, and some other surprises that I’m working on.

The image above is a photo of a drawing in progress. I’m a bit of a compulsive as you might guess from the above drawing which I’m creating using only a bic pen. I’ll take a few pics of it while in progress, and will begin to rebuild my drawing and painting gallery on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for visiting my site, I really hope you enjoy all of the photos. Bookmark and check back now and then for more fetish!

3 Responses to “Back to my roots”

  1. laani Says:

    It’s beautiful.

  2. miladyelizabeth Says:

    The drawing is exquisite – you have a lot of talent. I look forward to seeing updates!

  3. CagedGypsy Says:

    We use to talk on AOL “YEARS” ago when your beginnings were humble (if an artist could be called humble lol). wow.


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